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A Quest for Excellence

As one of the leading companies in the sector, City Group is constantly innovating to raise the bar in food quality and standard 

City Group is one of Bangladesh’s leading corporations and trusted consumer goods manufacturers. With 46 years of business legacy, the group has grown substantially over the period in value creation and production. There are 40 sister concerns at present, with each specializing in different products and services. The company’s strength lies in devotion to meet its promises of delivery, uncompromising attitude towards quality, and cherished relationship with customers, employees, and all social groups. 

City Group began on 6 February 1972 as a mustard oil company venture under the name City Oil Mills. This unit produces premium quality mustard oil from hi-grade mustard seed using GHANI, a traditional cold press system. Processing with GHANI ensures natural pungency and aroma of the Mustard Oil. Prior to City Group introducing consumers to user-friendly packaging like tin containers, edible oils were bought from open containers. For further consumer comfort, they introduced mustard oil in smaller containers for those who consume less. The company’s core belief “excellence through quality is never compromised and upheld in all of City Group’s products. The company alludes to this sincerity as the bridge of trust between loyal consumers and them.
The company uses world-class technology in all the products they have in the markets and the factory establishments they have. There are many grades of machinery and materials available in the market. For flour, the grinder is needed that can be bought for a low price from India and China, however, the quality and performance might not be up to standard. To establish a benchmark in standard City Group’s Hasan Flour Mills Ltd. is the largest of its kind producing the finest and most popular brand of atta, flour, and semolina- TEER. Finest quality wheat is processed with world-renowned automatic Buhler Machine of Switzerland ensuring 100% purity. Despite setting costs back, these machines assist in retaining the quality of the products.

Raw materials come through big shipments. When City Group sources raw material, most of the time the quality is off from 5-10% of our target. While there is the practice of using mixing substandard materials in the industry, in City Group an entire shipment is canceled if materials do not meet their requirements. Even though it costs the company crores of revenue, the trust they have established with their consumers is unquantifiable which motivates the company to further strive in maintaining the quality of their products. The motto of the company is embedded in its mission and vision and permeates all its departments.

Bangladesh can not import rice from outside and the government monitors it very strictly as we as a country produce a large volume of rice and if we start importing then the farmers will not get a fair price. City Auto Rice and Dal Mills Ltd is the only fully automated rice and dal mill in Bangladesh. World-renowned Buhler machinery is used in this unit to process rice and dal. It houses one and only hi-tech laboratory of Bangladesh to ensure top quality grains for consumers. It started functional production in 2018. It is a big facility, with a huge production capacity, so a large amount of paddy needs to be insourced. To insource this paddy, City Group connects with dealers from all the districts who receive paddies for the field. City Group insources from all over the nation maintaining stringent quality measures. In the future, the company has plans to run campaigns on organic products where farmers that provide City Group with raw materials will be participating.

If food safety is not ensured from the very beginning in conglomerates then the next steps can not be successful. When the raw material is insourced it is ensured that it is the best. After insourcing the material, it goes to the production facility which is automated. When there is human touch, there is a window of error. Because of automation, the only human touch the products go through is when the sack of paddy is opened and lastly when it is packaged and put into trucks. City Group products have halaal certification along with ISO certification, regular inspections and internal teams who consistently monitor quality.

City Group was not that active in the digital platform before. Full-fledged digital activities began from 2017, and since then City Group has honed the benefits of a digital platform to keep themselves abreast of consumer demands. With the help of data analytics, the company is able to gather pertinent information on its consumer base to better tailor their products. Apart from digital media, traditional mediums are a long-standing practice at City Group. They regularly engage their consumers by releasing TVCs both on television and subsequently on digital platforms.
They boost it in all digital platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, etc. to ensure that their message reaches their target consumers. Following the release of a TVC, static content and GIFs are made based on that. Facebook is the conglomerate’s digital mecca, alongside which they have positioned themselves in websites and platforms where there is consumer traffic.

The objective for the Food and Hospitality Expo’ 19 was to increase the B2B business for the company. It was arranged to expose themselves to hotels, restaurants and other clients, and to make the industry aware of the wide array of products they specialize in. City Group’s industrial sales is 10 times more than consumers sale. For organizations that are not able to reach the company directly, the expo gave City Group the chance to highlight products they can customize. City Group has previously customized sugar for Coke and Pepsi. Manufacturers looking for a specific type of product can reach City Group and be ensured that their demand will be met and delivered upon.

Apart from providing for consumers, City Group has set its sights on bagging an Olympic gold medal for the country. The group’s affiliation with archery was established through their work with Bangladesh Archery Federation in 2017. The initiative was a brainchild of Executive Director (Marketing & Sales) of City Group, Shoyeb MD Asaduzzaman who realized that despite a massive population of nearly 17 crore people, Bangladesh, a sports-crazy nation, failed consistently to earn medals at the Olympic Games. With a vision to set the record straight, City Group brainstormed whether it was possible to establish a CSR project that would oversee the training and grooming of an archery team. Since the sport compliments one of City Group’s leading brand Teer, it was decided that the conglomerate would nurture the federation for the upcoming five years. Following the signing of the agreement, the company hired a coach from Germany and took up the responsibility of paying his salary to his accommodations. To develop the archery team, they renovated dorms, made a gymnasium at Ahsanullah Master Stadium in Tongi where they continuously monitor the teams’ progress. To develop individual archers, they give them scholarships, performance-based bonuses, money for education, a monthly food ration of City Group products. The project’s name is “Teer go for Gold”.

Consumer food habits are changing, and they are becoming aware of the nutritional value of the food they intake. City Group’s Teer Whole Wheat Atta is a product that has been devised under the careful consultation with nutritionists and consumer concern. There are differences between normal ata, brown ata, and whole wheat atta. In their advertisements, they impart necessary information like whole wheat atta is just pure ground flour which retains its nutritional value because its been ground with water pressure alleviating the heat that would have otherwise stripped the atta of its minerals. City Group focuses on quality and this is a commitment that the company has forged with its consumers that they will be at the forefront of providing the best of products.

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