Author: Marjiya Baktyer Ahmed

Marjiya Baktyer Ahmed
Marjiya Ahmed is a literature student whose world is incomplete without music. Besides for listening to her favorite tracks, she fancies poetry
Featured Interviews

DR. ZAIDI SATTAR, Chairman, Policy Research Institute

As economies around the world face perilous times, Dr. Zaidi Sattar advises on the need to keep trade and investment policies open and welcome foreign direct investment, not just in words and on paper, but in action and, most importantly, in our mindset.  


Nidal Nabi Chowdhury, CEO and Founder Katsana Technologies

In conversation with IBT NIDAL NABI CHOWDHURY, CEO and Founder of Katsana Technologies, a Chittagong-based company that offers GPS tracking and fleet management solutions shares how he grew the company into one of the leading players in the GPS tracking and fleet management solutions space in Chittagong. 



As we keep our cars parked for an extended period of time, we have to remember that it makes a big difference to the condition


On Your Mark, Get Set, SPRINT

Apex’s latest athleisure collection SPRINT is a brand that is looking to improve the living standards of city dwellers by promoting an active, healthier lifestyle.

Cover Focus

Sabrina Zaman, Chief Executive (CE), Impact PR

Impact PR has been making groundbreaking strides for going on 15 years. Helming the country’s first PR firm, Sabrina Zaman elucidates the need to establish an industry for a more effective PR permeation in the collective consciousness. 


Upscaling the Industrial District

Shanta Holdings is a symbol that inspires on a daily basis through the care towards their clients and their commitment in providing an uncompromising level of service and superior products.


Laying Down the Groundwork

RAK Ceramics is one of the largest ceramics’ brands in the world. Specialising in ceramic and gres porcelain wall and floor tiles and sanitaryware they produce 110 million square metres of tiles and 5 million pieces of sanitaryware per year at their 16 state-of-the-art plants across the United Arab Emirates, India and Bangladesh.


Kausar Zaman Bappi, Managing Director, ABS Group

The dream of a digital Bangladesh is taking shape with companies ushering in new era of technology. Meet ABS group that is revolutionizing how we think about connectivity through optical fibers.