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Bproperty is ushering in a new era of consumerism through the use of digital engagement.

It’s like fighting a losing battle. House hunting in Bangladesh, especially in Dhaka City, has become a nightmare as the odds are always stacked against the tenants and buyers. The widening gap between demand and supply has skyrocketed the costs, but more importantly, consumers are often left with limited choices. Most of us do not have the luxury of going around our respective cities to evaluate the options. Consumers end up settling for a place at a price much higher than the market value in poor terms.

Bproperty arrived into the scene with the mission to free Bangladeshi consumers of this agony. It is the largest e-commerce real estate service provider in the country; they cater to the needs of those seeking real estate services. Bproperty offers the most accessible platform that enables anyone to buy, rent or sell properties across the country. Their vast collection of listings has thrown the conundrum of asymmetric information out of the window and tipped the balance in favor of consumers. The company is continuously innovating itself to provide an enhanced consumer experience. Digital engagement has become the most valuable tool for companies to become more intuitive to customer demands and motivation. 

Rules of Engagement
Being digitally active is imperative in the contemporary business environment. It is an essential tool for consumer engagement, informing them about the current offers and position of the company. Staying active means more people see what you are up to, your style of business and your preferred practices. It helps in creating a form of trust and reliability. Digital engagement tells a company what their viewers find interesting enough to take part in, how they feel about it, and thus gives the company some insight into the audience. The information gathered from numerous types of engagement helps to paint a big picture of consumer behavior that can be used to predict consumer motivations. 

Standing out
Almost everyone has a website now and is disseminating information. Some of it is valuable while other ones are better avoided. Pulling people to you as a source becomes difficult. Besides grabbing their attention, you also have to maintain the impression of being a source for reliable information. A great way of capturing attention is branching out onto various platforms and providing information on each according to the chosen platform. 

Trust through Transparency
Bproperty’s Facebook page has been highly active over the years as it is the most popular social media platform in Bangladesh. However, the most effective means of digital engagement was branching out cross-platform. They opened multiple YouTube channels along with increasing activity on other social media platforms. Digital engagement rose after Bproperty started cross-linking posts to create a more extensive web with diverse content.

Bproperty has been able to build trust through transparency, and social media engagement has been the key driver of it. Potential buyers and sellers can reach Bproperty with their queries and requirements. Engagements turn into revenues at an excellent rate, but that hasn’t stopped Bproperty for striving to maximize their potential.

Engaging Efficiently
Video Area Guide has been one of the most successful engagement tools for the company. It fits the needs of viewers as well as interacts with them on a personal level. This segment of communications didn’t have the most engagement, but it opened the way for more interaction to occur. Video shares went up, and follow-up area posts gathered significant interaction from the audience. The engagement posts have evolved according to need, and the most engaging posts have been quiz-type static image posts. The audience has been incredibly responsive to posts that challenge their knowledge or skills in some way.

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Asif Siddique Tarafdar is the Staff Writer of Ice Today& Ice Business Times. He has completed BSS in Economics from BRAC University and vocal about disability rights and inclusion. Currently, studying MDS at Jahangirnagar University he is also a former Flight Cadet of the Bangladesh Air Force.

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