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Most of us often grab the first pair of clothes in our closets, without thinking too much on how it impacts our overall impression. However, for business professionals, dressing impeccably can be the

POWERFUL LESSONS ON HOW CEOS TACKLE FAILURE AND SETBACKS In a world like ours, the only way to survive the hectic competition in the market is to climb to the top – head steady

Asus’s stunning new ZenBook Pro Duo takes multitasking to new dimensions Anyone who has ever used a laptop for productivity purposes on the go – be it for something as prosaic as crunching figures in

Fadiah Khan, Director, Summit Communications Ltd.

By Maimun Mustafa Remote sensing, the internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) are some buzzwords that we are being bombarded with everyday. Interestingly the building, construction, and complementary industries are being dramatically

Pine Solutions Limited is one of the leading software development companies in our country and it is winning over the Bangladeshi ICT sector with remarkable innovations.  Information technology and business are becoming inseparably interwoven.

The World Investment Report 2019 has described the deceleration of the global economy. More specifically, the report talks about the slowing down of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) by 13% in the year 2018

  By Maimun Mustafa Are you bored and unsatisfied with the differences in the presentation of your traditional building renders? Do the actual end-products delivered not meet given expectations? Fortunately, there is good news! Visualization