The Bone Identity What are the risks pertaining to conducting Spine Surgery? How can we minimize the risks? Today patients are coming in after already taking an MRI test; more so, pondering and worrying

Manoeuvring the ICT maze In a conversation with Marjiya Baktyer Ahmed, Shafquat Haider explains the path to reaping the benefits of the ICT sector is through bridging industry-academia gap and to equip our

Identifying The Fault Lines Dr Fahmida Khatun, Executive Director of the Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) shares her opinion about the state of our banking sector, perils of the high unemployment rate and the

Matters of Macroeconomy In conversation with Marjiya Baktyer Ahmed, Dr. Zahid Hussain, former lead economist at the World Bank advises on how to overcome the pitfalls of our projected numbers for FY20. What is

Dr. Zaidi Sattar, Chairman, Policy Research Institute

In conversation with Asif Tarafdar, Dr. Mirza Azizul Islam, Professor, BRAC Business School shares his opinion about re-thinking our exchange rate policy, the falling stock market and effective ways of containing inflation. In recent

Leading the Tech Transition Could you tell us a little bit about your background (family, education and life experiences).I am extremely blessed and also humbled to come from an eminent and reputable family. Being

Paving the Path Uttara Motors in the frontlines with a vision to revolutionise the automobile industry of the country. As the sole distributor of Suzuki Japan, what do you think makes Suzuki the success story

A Promise of Protection Having spent close to three decades in the sector, you are a veteran of the industry, when did you join Guardian, was that a new leaf in your career, did

  Somewhere between the invention of the microwave and the discovery of cheap labor, we lost our patience. We now have a burning need to cure the cold today and have dinner warmed in

Marjiya Baktyer Ahmed talks to Mohammed Ibrahim on upholding industry best practices and how Super Star Group is setting the benchmark for standard.  What was the vision with which you embarked on establishing SSG?

Maimun Mustafa talks to Sanjoy Datta on understanding the paradigm shift in technologies for tomorrow’s best business practices.  You have worked with Bangladesh for 5 years representing Deloitte. What was the biggest motivation for