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Marjiya Baktyer Ahmed talks to Mohammed Ibrahim on upholding industry best practices and how Super Star Group is setting the benchmark for standard.  What was the vision with which you embarked on establishing SSG?

Maimun Mustafa talks to Sanjoy Datta on understanding the paradigm shift in technologies for tomorrow’s best business practices.  You have worked with Bangladesh for 5 years representing Deloitte. What was the biggest motivation for

Prize of Perseverance Asif Tarafadar sits down with the managing director of Top Ten Group, Md. Syed Hossain who shares his odyssey from absolute obscurity to heights of success.  At a time when custom tailoring

Painting a Bright Future  Asian Paints Bangladesh prides itself on being customer-centric and consistently innovative.  You have been involved with Asian Paints since 2006 starting as Manager in Marketing. Now in your role as CEO,

Stepping Ahead In a conversation with Asif Tarafdar, the CEO of Apex Footwear Limited, Rajan Pillai explicates on the importance of innovation in business, the importance of a strong female workforce and what it

Fadiah Khan, Director, Summit Communications Ltd.

Was there any defining moment while you grow up when you decided to become an entrepreneur? When you are born in a family where virtually everyone is a business person, you are well aware

In a conversation with Asif Tarafdar, the CEO of Grameenphone Ltd, Michael Foley divulges on what it takes to stay ahead in the ever-evolving telecom industry, the delights of working in Bangladesh and