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Suit Up & Get Down to Business

Most of us often grab the first pair of clothes in our closets, without thinking too much on how it impacts our overall impression. However, for business professionals, dressing impeccably can be the difference between projecting charisma and failing to make an impact. Looking good on the outside as well as possessing an excellent business, social and communication skills will not only attract people but opportunities to them like moths to a flame. Perfect your professional swagger with Dapper’s Bespoke offerings – ideal for an important business function or even a sit-down meal complete with proper cutlery and tableware within the world’s most prestigious hotels. Undoubtedly bespoke is a luxurious option, but it will enhance your presence in important events and garner gentlemanly respect throughout your day.  

Follow these five tips to master the bespoke look: 

For the slender figures, avoid a suit that is too fitted; a bit more flow in the material adds more prominence to the physique. Shorter counterparts should opt for slim trousers with a slight break to give the impression of height. If you find yourself on the muscular end of the physical spectrum, make sure to avoid anything with padded shoulders.

Bangladesh is a subtropical country, for the better part of the year, we battle against the blazing heat of the sun. When choosing a material that compliments the humidity of our country, opt for breathable fabrics like cotton, linen or silk-blends and lightweight to midweight worsted wool to keep you cool under the sun. 

If this is your first time going bespoke, avoid experimenting and stick to classic and versatile colors like navy blue, charcoal or mid-grey. This will allow you to look crisp and sharp while enhancing your experience with bespoke suits that you can use to style your professional future.

Aim for a slim, flattering fit wherever possible, but ensure that the suit isn’t restrictive in any way. You should focus on clean lines that flatter your body shape and allow you a free range of motion. After all, if you’re not comfortable then you won’t appear confident, which is arguably the key to pulling off any clothing.

When going custom, you’ll get to choose from a range of details, which can really elevate your suit to the next level. From the choice of cloth through such details as the number and position of pockets and shape of the lapels, you have the freedom to design the suit or garment to meet your exact needs.

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