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Bongo Xpress is revolutionising the industry with an AI+ cloud-based one stop solution for all sorts of logistical needs


For the first time in Bangladesh, there is a player in the industry bringing tech-enabled one-stop logistics solutions to all those who need it. Striving to make logistics smart, affordable and reliable, Bongo Xpress is an app based logistics company that aims to address the biggest challenges businesses face in supply chain and distribution management. The company, which is owned by Bongo Technology Ltd., has brought about a technological revolution in the logistics industry of Bangladesh, aiming to automate logistics operations for seamless distribution and supply chain management with an AI + cloud-based delivery (and fleet) management solution. Boasting a differentiated business model, Bongo Xpress offers end-to-end logistical solutions including First Mile, Last Mile, Parcel Delivery, Online Truck Rental, Supply Chain Management, Distribution Management and Fleet Management Solutions, all from a single platform.
With economic growth on the rise in the country, over the past decade, many MNCs have expanded their operations to Bangladesh. Coupled with the rapid development of our home-grown conglomerates, there has been a considerable amount of advancement across various industries in recent years. However, until now that progress was lacking in the logistics industry. Without using a central, digital system, it is very difficult for businesses to properly vet their delivery personnel, track parcels in real-time, plan appropriate routes and experience an overall efficient process. The absence of automation and digitization in the logistics industry was a prevalent issue proving to be quite troublesome for small & large companies alike.
As a result, Bongo Xpress has been working tirelessly for the last three years to automate and digitize the logistics industry of Bangladesh. Through the use of technology, Bongo Xpress has created a platform which helps digitally connect individuals and corporate bodies with cargo & truck owners, and drivers (who are referred to as Bongo Pilots) across Bangladesh to ensure smooth and hassle free transportation of goods. More than 10K visionaries are working relentlessly to provide top notch delivery (and fleet) management solutions across different cities through Bongo Xpress. With more than 6K vehicles, 3.5K partners and almost 7K Pilots registered, the company is now present in every industrial area as the most reliable logistics partner.


One of the main objectives of Bongo Xpress is to provide an intelligent delivery management solution to streamline distribution and supply chain management for companies across different industries, especially FMCGs. Consignments are picked up by multiple local logistics partners through manual coordination on specifications, rates, delivery TAT. As most of the destinations are not easily accessible for consignment deliveries, quality of logistics is the most crucial element in the supply chain. As a result, it has become important to consolidate to a single reliable logistics partner with tech integration for smooth flow of consignment specification and right material handling process. Delivery management challenges that currently plague enterprises include lack of visibility and traceability of vehicles and its operators, difficulties in keeping them productive, lack of control on cost management, uncontrollable manpower requirements, etc.
To address these challenges and increase the efficiency of the logistics industry, Bongo Xpress has implemented an intelligent fleet management system employing the use of a smart satellite tracking system to monitor the movement of the vehicles. By using Bongo Fleet Solutions, any company can manage and automate their entire logistics operations, whether it be using their own fleet or by hiring vehicles from Bongo’s extensive pool of on-boarded trucks and Pilots.
Bongo Xpress’s comprehenesive fleet management system allows logistics managers to seamlessly create tasks, and assists them in capacity building, route optimization, scheduling jobs and assignments, and managing multiple pickups and drop offs supported by live tracking and regular data analytics reports. For the first time in Bangladesh, through a single tracking link, businesses and individuals can track their shipment live on the map. The interface also has an in-app multichannel communication which enables live chat, voice and even video calls between Bongo Pilots, merchants, customers and support teams. Using this tracking software instead of the traditional GPS systems also saves the truck owners money because, unlike the GPS system, Bongo Fleet Solutions does not charge a fee per vehicle. Rather, it charges a one-time installation and a monthly maintenance fee for any number of vehicles, enabling customers to save up to an average of 5,40,000 BDT per month for a fleet of 100 vehicles. On top of that, Bongo Xpress ensures that no vehicle or Pilot remain idle. By joining Bongo’s online trucking platform, truck owners and companies with their own fleet can expand the usability of their vehicles and earn extra revenue by ensuring pre-scheduled return trips for idle fleets.

Bongo Xpress also enables digitalization of the distribution system by offering an integrated delivery solution for seamless distribution. Through the platform, the distribution partners can create orders directly via the mobile app which the factory/warehouse can then accept, organise and transport accordingly. This automated process reduces the need of sales representatives (who generally collect orders from the channel partners) which, in turn, results in a massive reduction in expense and fleet operating cost. Bongo Xpress has made it possible to bring the entire supply chain and distribution management system in the pocket of a logistics manager for the first time ever in Bangladesh.
The key advantages of using Bongo Xpress for distribution and supply chain management are:

  • Ability to control fleet and logistics operations from a single platform
  • Smart task management system reduces the communication challenges in the distribution and supply-chain
  • Provides smart notification and alerts for all the stakeholders involved in the chain
  • Auto-generated proof of task (pickup, delivery and return), digital invoice and analytical reports for the paperless record
  • Availability of vehicles of all sizes, skilled personnel for operating vehicles and transporting goods
  • Extra income from guaranteed and pre-scheduled return trips for fleets which are idle.

Bongo Xpress has introduced a platform that has the technology to better manage the complete order cycle, starting with precise communication to end-to-end delivery tracking. It allows customized arrangements for pickup as per customers’ needs which may include labour for loading and unloading at multiple warehouses (pickup points) and/or deliveries to multiple destination points. Starting from timber to fruits and vegetables, FMCG to pharmacy and medical supplies, frozen and processed foods, e-commerce related merchandise and electronic goods, Bongo Xpress has the ability and efficiency to transport everything.


For the first time ever, a logistics company in Bangladesh is offering on-demand truck rental services for both B2B and B2C needs. Bongo Xpress has introduced an app-based truck hiring service which facilitates direct communication between customers and Bongo Xpress’s immense network of Pilots and truck owners. The traditional truck rental system is heavily clouded by the cost-cutting culture of competition and an uncontrolled bidding system, therefore, truck drivers don’t usually get a fair wage. However, using the Bongo Xpress provides a very UBER-like experience enabling Pilots to get more trips with adequate income at their preferable routes. Abolishing the typical bidding system makes room for more profit margin for vehicle owners and lower costs for the consumers for the same service. The app allows the user to book a truck within seconds and see the instant estimated fare, something that was impossible via the traditional bidding system.
Bongo Xpress has a dedicated pool for vehicles for B2B logistics solutions such as factory to warehouse delivery, warehouse to depo delivery, depo to retailers, etc. Through the use of the app, the customer can trace their shipment in real-time and be able to enjoy secure pick, delivery and return through a two-step OTP verification system, digital signature, parcel photo capture functionality and barcode verification. With a smart business interface for fleet and delivery management, Bongo Xpress is the first company in Bangladesh that has introduced a separate app for channel partners, managers and pilots drivers so that communication between all the parties are seamless. The interface for the Ai + cloud based delivery (and fleet) management solution includes an Intelligent dashboard, Manager/Partner App (native), Pilot App (IOS + Android).


Although using parcel delivery or courier service has never been more popular than it is now, all the systems that courier services are currently using are very old and usually manually operated. Losing consignments is a very common practice and as most companies operate in a very competitive and price-sensitive market, any small rise in price dissuades the consumer from choosing a particular delivery or courier service. Thus, most companies lack the confidence to spend a massive amount of money to upgrade to better technology. However, knowing that investing in superior technology will be more fruitful for the industry in the long run, Bongo Xpress has pioneered the most innovative and user-friendly (AI + cloud-based) delivery management solution for e-commerce friendly delivery services with a state-of-the-art tracking system which ensures complete visibility and traceability.


  • Prepare a package
  • Make a parcel delivery request on the Bongo Xpress app
  • Get a Pilot assigned for the task
  • Meet them at pickup place and load your package to the carrier
  • Get started and share the trip with the recipient to track the shipment together



Recipient will retrieve the package through a two-step OTP verification system, digital signature, parcel photo capture functionality and barcode verification as Proof of Delivery (POD)

Barcode verification for the authentication of both pickup and delivery tasks.

Moreover, this service also allows small and big businesses in the e-commerce industry to seamlessly integrate its operations with the app, giving it a superior logistics capability. The advantages of using Bongo Xpress as the courier service for e-commerce businesses are:

  • Simple and seamless API integration option
  • Easy delivery management app
  • On-demand fleet availability with a broad range of delivery options
  • Personalized customer services
  • No volume contracts for the parcel delivery
  • Real-time tracking and updates
  • Instant or advance COD disbursement


P2P AND HYPER-LOCAL DELIVERY (for Grocery and Food)

With the onset of the massive digitization, fast-paced lifestyles and not to mention the pandemic, over the last few years grocery shops, restaurants, pharmacies, and various other businesses have been diverting their focus to increase their digital footprint in order to reach their customers at their homes or offices. Through Bongo Xpress’s comprehensive and trackable delivery management system, customers can now avail superior P2P (Person to Person) delivery services. Moreover, the platform’s algorithm will aid chain supermarkets and restaurants to conduct hyper-local deliveries efficiently.
Since its inception, Bongo Xpress has been empowering local grocery shops and restaurants by offering advanced delivery management solutions, including ordering websites, native applications and intelligent warehouse management solutions. Instead of having to depend on a third-party marketplace service for P2P delivery, they can use their own delivery men with the most accessible rider management system from Bongo Xpress.

Working towards building a better future

The mission of the company is to create collaborative and people-focused digital ecosystems for the entrepreneurs of Bangladesh. Bongo Xpress intends to nurture entrepreneurs by creating a digital footprint and helping them in product sourcing, marketing and business consultation, and empowering them with one-stop logistics solutions and services. The company is committed to helping entrepreneurs across the country navigate the ever-changing business landscape by providing an integrated and efficient platform for their logistical needs. Bongo Xpress is already working with the Gaibandha Uddokta Forum to help provide 3000 active local entrepreneurs to have a multi-vendor marketplace, marketing and business strategy counselling sessions from industry experts. Across the country, thousands of more such entrepreneurs are being supported and facilitated.

Moreover, Bongo Xpress intends to not only work towards creating profitable businesses, but also towards empowering and benefiting the entire industry. In order to do so, Bongo Xpress has been passionately working towards the community development of truck owners and drivers. The company provides various benefits and incentives to their Pilots, many of which are firsts of its kind. Bongo Xpress provides incentives and commissions for executing a delivery properly, expert training from people on the job, scholarships opportunities for their children’s education, regular health check-ups, medical assistance, and loans for purchasing vehicles to their Pilots at a minimum interest rate.
As such, for the first time in Bangladesh, a company is working towards developing the social status of the community. Bongo Xpress aims to offer benefits for all their stakeholders, especially their Pilots, as the company acknowledges that a happier and smarter fleet will lead to a more efficient and sustainable business model.

By Nashed Haider
Photographs: Courtesy of Bongo Xpress


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