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Mohammed Ibrahim, MD & CEO, Super Star Group

Marjiya Baktyer Ahmed talks to Mohammed Ibrahim on upholding industry best practices and how Super Star Group is setting the benchmark for standard. 

What was the vision with which you embarked on establishing SSG? How has that vision shaped the company and its operations over the years?
SSG (Super Star Group) started its journey in 1994. Although its inception came up to fulfill the then family needs but my vision was to establish that homegrown business to be one of the esteemed corporate organization which will be able to contribute both in the national and global arena.
As a continuity we are now an ISO Certified Company and have successfully established nine projects with well-equipped R&D facilities including the iconic revolutionary trendsetter modern hi-tech SSG Electrical Accessories factory with 70,000Sqft working area, the largest of its kind in Bangladesh, which was established considering the gap to transform the then 100% import based local market, unavailability of infrastructure, skilled people in this sector and lack of quality source and product in Bangladesh. This was later recognized and awarded the 1st Prize by the honorable President, Govt. of Bangladesh. Our SSG Industrial Park, an ongoing dream project, consisting of five factories including our fan factory which received the LEED PLATINUM certification, first of its kind in Bangladesh, by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). Moreover, we have built the country’s largest trade (retail) sales and distribution network in the lighting & electrical accessories industry with more than 100,000 outlets. And to add to that we have created job opportunities for over 4500 employees so now from a small family we are a family of more than 4500 families.

Since the start, SSG has burgeoned into one of the biggest brands of the country. What do you believe are the aspects of SSG that helped it to grow so prominently?
Since its inception, SSG believes in upholding the highest standards for the wide range of products and services it provides through its B2C, B2B & B2G sales channel, and there is no distinction between “big and small” clients or customers when it comes to the quality of service offered. Our commitment to professionalism and best practice is embraced by every member employee regardless of their position. I believe these are the prime aspects of SSG that helped it to grow so prominently.

What is your leadership style? How has that helped to overcome the challenges you faced over the years?
My leadership style is aggression with effective teamwork along with the implementation of my visionary ideas and plans. And that has helped me overcome the challenges I faced over the years.

Who are the people that shaped the person you are now?
In this regard, I feel it’s been my family and the team I work with.

As a leader, what are the characteristics that you look for in a potential employee?
I want to see the BRIGHT attitude and values in a potential employee. And by that, I mean bold, responsive, innovative, think globally, be humane, tech-savvy, bright and a hard worker

A company like SSG needs a large skilled employee base, are you satisfied with the skill level of our current workforce? How can we increase the skill level of our current and future workforce?
At present, SSG has more than 4500 employees. I am satisfied with the skill level of my present team as they are part of my family and we follow a very professional style when it comes to onboarding members in our team. But I feel there is always room for improvement and to ensure that we maintain the best practice, we invest moderately in employee training and have plans to enhance it more in the future.

How crucial is it for Super Star Group to continually innovate to keep up with the technological changes? Can you please share some information about the R&D of SSG?
SSG’s core business products are based on technology. And in this present generation, technological changes are a very common phenomenon. So, to keep up with that we always believe and welcome innovation through continuous up-gradation of our existing products and in-fact that is also been incorporated in our organizational values.
We put a lot of emphasis on our R&D. We have the largest R&D facility in Bangladesh for the Lighting and the Electrical Accessories industry. We maintain the highest necessary international standards in our lab. Some of the labs are also undergoing an accreditation process.

What is your vision of SSG for the future?
As a Bangladeshi company, I want SSG to be an example of a sustainable organization, an asset for the future generation of our country, an organization that not only is successful locally but also has business operations across borders. This is my vision in the near future.

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