How Manufacturers Can Increase Orders, Sales and Revenue During the Pandemic

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Four Ways Digitalization Boosts Product Development Efficiency

Well over a year since the pandemic began, Bangladesh businesses are still navigating the struggles of national lockdowns, factory closures and remote work environments. Manufacturing companies are intensely searching for cloud-based, digital tools that will allow them to develop products with maximum efficiency and come out of the pandemic stronger.

Digital transformation solutions like Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) support manufacturers including MAS Holdings, Hirdaramani, VT Garment, Crystal Group, Brandix, Regina Miracle and Lever Style. These manufacturers are making quality garments for brands including Kiabi, C&A and Tesco, and use Centirc PLMTM  to collaborate across internal departments and with customers by streamlining all product related data including tech packs, BOMs and costings into one cloud-based hub. This results in maximum efficiency, greater data and pricing transparency and faster time to delivery. Manufacturers can manage larger or personalized orders, increase product categories and keep a tighter control on costs.

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Four crucial ways Centric Manufacturing PLM can support manufacturers to adapt both during and after the pandemic.
  1. Empower virtual collaboration

With many workforces working from home and travel off the cards, maintaining communication and continuing customer-centered collaboration can be difficult. Centric Manufacturing PLM is a single digital hub where everyone involved in pre-production can input and find the information they need. This avoids mistakes and lost information by keeping all data up to date, and changes can be made in real-time.  As Centric PLM is cloud-based, it is accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Manufacturers can create interactive workflows using Centric PLM to manage work in progress and deadlines, so everyone knows what they should be doing and when. Dynamic cost functions and ‘what-if’ scenarios, quick decisions can be made, and risks are managed. PLM access can be given to trusted partners and customers to allow them to import tech pack data in a standardized, consistent format to reduce errors and time-consuming data entry.

“We are poised to step into the future with plans to aggressively grow our business, and Centric PLM supports us with a robust and unified development process across the entire organization.”Surendra Karunakaran, CIO | Brandix
  1. Drive business agility

In a fast-changing environment, manufacturing businesses must be prepared to change and execute action plans at short notice. Centric PLM is the magic tool to remain agile by having a strong and complete foundation in place.

Centric PLM’s robust and searchable material library and capability to reference  similar products already developed makes creating product quotes faster and more accurate. The Calendar Management module defines and tracks tasks through forward or backward-planning calendars of the pre-production process so everyone has awareness of deadlines, bottlenecks and the ability to change tasks and deadlines according to the situation. This transparency of information and status helps teams to properly manage workloads and improve productivity and responsiveness. Teams are automatically notified to help carry items through the development cycle to completion, so deadlines are always met.

  1. Faster time to delivery

Pressure is on manufacturers to keep up with customer demands, regardless of the pandemic situation. Centric PLM empowers manufacturers to shorten pre-production, sourcing and sampling times so that time to delivery is as quick as possible.

Reduce hold-ups from mistakes in tech packs and BOMs as these are all uploaded and created in a standardized format with PLM. Centric PLM’s Quality Management module streamlines quality control and enables safety and compliance tracking, a process that can often slow down manufacturing businesses.  Better organization of processes, individual tasks and deadlines means hold-ups are identified early and timelines are easier to stick to. PLM speeds up sampling and increases the one-time through rate, even giving manufacturer’s the ability to produce 3D samples instead of traditionally producing samples every time a change is made. Centric PLM takes center stage when it comes to using the latest innovations to deliver results. One great example is the Centric AI Image Search which allows users to quickly search material libraries using an image to find an existing material, trim, color or style match. Companies can re-order or re-use already approved materials, reducing sourcing time dramatically.

“Since first implementing Centric 8 in 2014, the benefits have been so impressive that we recently decided  to  expand  the  software  to  all  of  our  apparel  development  teams.  The  strength  and  flexibility of Centric 8 can handle the shorter product development cycle we face, along with the more comprehensive, detailed sample development requests we require.”  -Zhang Wenbo, Deputy General Manager | Regina Miracle
  1. Increase profits

The pandemic has put a strain on the finances of many manufacturing businesses, whilst increasing compliance requirements, raw material costs and overheads are also driving up prices. It is more crucial than ever for manufacturers to save costs and increase margins where possible.

Centric Manufacturing PLM provides full visibility of raw material costs and overheads so manufacturers can see exactly where to make savings. By tracking material usage across product lines, collections and seasons, manufacturers can avoid expensive over ordering issues.  Manufacturing businesses who use PLM also avoid expensive multiple sample rounds.

Centric Software are offering free 1-1 consultations to look at how your manufacturing business can improve its product development workflow through the pandemic and beyond. Sign up today.

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About Centric Software (

From its headquarters in Silicon Valley, Centric Software® provides a Product Concept to Consumer Digital Transformation Platform for fashion, retail, footwear, luxury, outdoor and consumer goods including cosmetics and personal care and food and beverage.

Centric Software has received multiple industry awards and recognition, including being named by Red Herring to its Top 100 Global list in 2013, 2015 and 2016. Centric also received various excellence awards from Frost & Sullivan in 2012, 2016, 2018 and 2021.

More than 450+ companies creating products for over 2,000+ iconic brands, retailers and manufacturers trust Centric Software including Crystal Group, MAS Holdings, Hirdaramani, Brandix, Lever Style, Regina Miracle, Kiabi, Tesco, C&A, Tommy Hilfiger, Charles & Keith, Liverpool, Louis Vuitton, Top Form and many more.

About Rifath Noweid

Rifath Noweid, the Right Combination of client Support and industry expertise. He is the Sales Director in Centric Software and an accomplished, result-oriented and seasoned professional with a comprehensive background as a global sales/marketing analyst. He comes to Centric Software with lots of experience under his belt with over 11 years of experiences in the garment technology industry, with BA Hons (UK), PGD, MBA (UK) and implemented production systems over 30 manufacturers in Sir Lanka, India & Bangladesh. Leading change management in Large Business Groups, startup enthusiast, technology evangelist, skilled negotiator. With global background, local industry knowledge and experiences, depth understanding of the sale cycle process and ability to influence and make things happen gives him the advantage and makes him the best fit. He is prepared to bring his knowledge and expertise to Centric Software and has massive plans to help and grow the company in Bangladesh.


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