Author: Ishrat Jahan

Ishrat Jahan
Ishrat Jahan was a Sub-Editor at ICE Business Times. She can be reached at
Word of Mouth

The Standout Stories

The second edition of Unisel presents ‘Rise Above All’ hosted by Don Sumdany Facilitation & Consultancy was held on 12 January 2018. The largest motivational

Event Spotlight

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

The challenges and solutions to creating equality in the workplace During the interactive session, ‘Women in the workplace: Breaking barriers and moving forward,’ the speakers

Special Report

The Driving Edge

From the early days of its inception, Bangladesh has dramatically evolved out of the shell of societal barriers. The once conservative nation has now opened

Event Spotlight

The Lense that Captured a Changing Nation

How DIN MUHAMMAD SHIBLY has encapsulated climate change throughout 15 years of his career. Shibly exhibited his years of photography at Alliance Francaise de Chittagong.