Writer’s Guideline

We appreciate concepts and articles that you would like to submit for consideration to ICE BUSINESS TIMES magazine (IBT). We intend to keep IBT on the cutting-edge of topics that are thought provoking and relevant to news and information on business, career and technology. To do so, we always welcome ideas from our writers. We expect writers to focus on areas such as leadership, organizational change, negotiation, strategy, operations, marketing, finance, and managing people. Besides, the magazine has an interest in reaching out to the frontiers of the business world, of getting a wind of the next big change in the complex world of money-matters. While the topics may vary, all IBT articles share certain characteristics. These articles all tend to document various trends and chronicle the achievements and shortcomings in the corporate world at home and abroad.

Thank you for your interest in writing for ICE BUSINESS TIMES: The Magazine; Bangladesh’s No. 1 resource for information on business and the business lifestyle. Please read these guidelines carefully, as they are important to creating a successful relationship between us, and ultimately, with our reader.

Submitting Queries — Article queries on subjects appropriate to ICE BUSINESS TIMES: businesstimes.1@gmail.com

Unsolicited manuscripts are not accepted. ICE BUSINESS TIMES: The Magazine does not publish syndicated columns or stories that have run in other publications. All features, cover stories, and profiles published in ICE BUSINESS TIMES: The Magazine are original materials written exclusively for ICE BUSINESS TIMES: The Magazine. If you have not written for us before, be sure to include a current resume and no less than three, but no more than five samples of your previously published, business-oriented works. These items should be submitted via e-mail.

Writers with specific story ideas should submit a query via e-mail that clearly and persuasively answers the following questions:

1.What is your story idea and why is it newsworthy? 2. How and why is the story significant to ICE BUSINESS TIMES: The Magazine’s readers? 3. What specific insights about the topic will your story deliver? 4. What primary and secondary sources will you use for reporting the story? 5. What experience have you had as a freelance writer, and why are you qualified to handle this assignment? An exceptional query will convince us that your article is a must-read for ICE BUSINESS TIMES: The Magazine’s audience.

Representations & Warranties of the Writer – By submitting an Article to ICE BUSINESS TIMES Magazine the writer represents and warrants that the article is the writer’s original work, that the article is not owned by any third party, that the article is accurate, that the article has not been obtained by unlawful means, and that publication of the article by ICE BUSINESS TIMES will not violate any copyright or other intellectual property rights of any third party.

Publication Rights — ICE BUSINESS TIMES: The Magazine purchases all print and electronic rights to all assigned articles. We purchase first print right, electronic rights and exclusive reprint rights to articles submitted on speculation.

How to Connect With Us — All queries and any questions concerning these Writers’ Guidelines or other editorial policies should be directed to Editorial via e-mail at businesstimes.1@gmail.com. 
All submissions should be sent directly to the attention of the editor.

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