About Us


About Us

ICE Business Times is a monthly business publication which was established in September 2010. The magazine aims to analyze, interpret and disseminate news of local as well as global financial, commercial and industrial developments to its readers. By making its readers aware of the business climate in Bangladesh, the magazine aims to play a vital role in both the media and business sectors on a global scenario.

The magazine strives to disseminate economic news and present views and opinions of well-regarded business figures on how existing conditions in Bangladesh can be improved upon. To do so, enlightening them regarding local industry and overseas market growth as well as policy research and advocacy is important. At any time, and in every case unbiased, factual and balanced reporting will be the magazine’s aim and policy as it, along with its readers follow the country’s progress towards prosperity.

About the Editor

Abul Khair (Litu), graduated from Dhaka University in 1972. An entrepreneur and industrialist, he started his business in the early seventies. He is the Chairman of Bengal Group. Khair was the president of Abahoni Sporting Club from 1982-87. He and his partners set up the first private bank in Bangladesh, the AB Bank, in 1981. An art aficionado, he has the country’s largest private collection of paintings.


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