Author: Abhijit Asad

Abhijit Asad
A devout science fiction enthusiast, gamer and metalhead, Abhijit Asad likes machines more than he likes most people, and does not want to be contacted or followed.

Artificial Malevolence

  Artificial intelligence is the future, but is it a good one? Ever since the very idea of artificial intelligence (AI) was coined, opinions on


Redefining the Book

  Amazon’s new Kindle Paperwhite is a must-have for serious readers I was probably one of the first people in all my circles to move


Hail the Game-Breaker

  REDEFINING FLAGSHIP PARADIGMS WITH XIAOMI’S NEW POCOPHONE F1 Turns out, in case of Xiaomi’s new flagship phone, the oddly named Pocophone F1 (known as


Putting The RT In Art

  The battle for dominance between archrivals Nvidia and AMD should come as no surprise to those who keep tabs on developments in graphics hardware.


Must-have PC Utilities

CloudShot While Window’s built-in Snipping Tool is halfway decent as a program for taking screenshots, it lacks any precision, finesse, and control whatsoever, being very