Author: Abhijit Asad

Abhijit Asad
A devout science fiction enthusiast, gamer and metalhead, Abhijit Asad likes machines more than he likes most people, and does not want to be contacted or followed.

Intel Inside, Sluggard Outside?

After ruling the world’s computer microprocessor market for well over a decade with virtually no serious competition to deal with, it was almost natural to


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A quick look into Microsoft’s Cortana, the RX Vega, Apple’s new iMac Pro, and the threat of ‘ransomware’ Cortana in Every Machine THE VOICE OF


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The once-hallowed name of BlackBerry in the smartphone world, which it actually helped pioneer, has been dragged through the dirt for years, as it feebly


Surface for The Masses

When Steve Jobs released the MacBook Air back in 2008, famously pulling the sleek machine out of a brown manila envelope. It was far from