Author: Munira Fidal

Munira Fidal


The stock market is an intimidating set up, even to the experienced investor. For novices, like most of us, it can seem more than a


Billionaire’s Reading List

THE INTELLIGENT INVESTOR: A book by Benjamin Graham, The Intelligent Investor was published in the year 1949 explaining “value investing” or buying stocks when they


Convenience on the Rise

A buzz word in the world of commerce, E-commerce moves away from the orthodox methods of buying and selling and does the same activity online.


A Race Against Time

The novel coronavirus aka COVID-19 has brought the world to a standstill. The past 8 months are proof of the human and economic devastation this


Test! Test!! Test!!!

The virus, which began its deadly course from Wuhan, China is said to have come from bats, and through cross-species mutation jumped to humans, becoming highly infectious and transmissible through respiratory droplets.


Branding in the Age of #MeToo

Branding- the saving grace for marketers all over the world. From giving products a personality and setting their price, brands do everything to make products memorable in the minds of the customers.

Word of Mouth

Downsizing- Is it as Bad as it Seems?

Downsizing is often seen as the big, bad wolf of all staffing practices. Labor costs account for a major chunk of an organization’s expenses and