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Reshaping Real-Estate Bay Developments introdcues innovation and new developments in industry HARNESSING THE POWER OF R&D AND MARKETING I was always fascinated with advertising and its impact on the consumers, which lead

Invogue designs IT solutions Tell us about your move to America, your schooling in Pennsylvania State University and your subsequent return to Bangladesh. Paint us a picture of your journey? At

THE ISPAHANI IDEAL Omar Hannan, General Manager, Marketing of Ispahani Tea Ltd shares the secrets to his success HITTING MILESTONES AT ISPAHANI The journey began on 1st June 2000. I started my

Weaving wonders in the textile industry Samit Hassan, Director of Silver Line Group talks to Ice Business Times about his family company and shares his aspirations. Please tell us about your

Positioning Priority Nestle’s Manager of Consumer, e-commerece and Digital talks about tapping the right channel with the right content THE PROPER PLACEMENT When it comes to digital marketing we are still scratching

Passion of Perseverance Igloo’s Head of Marketing credits success to never saying no to an opportunity The Metamorphosis of a Marketer from Research Officer and Puppeteer If I look back to my

DOORS TO THE FUTURE Partex is reshaping the benchmark of living Designing a Standard There is no doubt that the demand for furniture is escalating due to an increase in disposable income.

  Steering in the Right Direction Vendor Development and Foreign Partnership spell long term Success How much has the advent of the ride-sharing industry propelled the growth of the motorcycle sector? The ride-sharing