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“Long-term success fundamentally depends on how you deliver your products. When we create a performance or event, we want it to stand out from everything that has been witnessed before to keep the audience eager for future events.” 

FARHADUL ISLAM is the Chief Executive Officer of Blues Communications Limited. He has previously served in numerous leading agencies of the country including GREY, Interspeed and Unitrend. Farhad also serves as the Business Development Director of Bengal Foundation, Director of an IGW Company, 1Asia Alliance Gateway Ltd. and Chairman of a digital marketing agency, Strategeek.

What are the key components of the success of your business?
The basic elements we focus on are audience’s comfort and reaction. We want to introduce them to a variety of experiences, comfort and the latest inventions or innovations that are changing the experience of the event. We want the audience to leave with the sense that they are having an experience and not just witnessing a performance. When you see some of the greatest contemporary performers such as Sting and Adele, they have lots of variety during their concerts and tours. Each performance brings something new and keeps the audience enticed. We incorporate this very same idea. Furthermore, we emphasize having the most modern sound systems, ambiance, lights, and washroom facilities. Every little detail is a part of the experience, and you have to ensure that all of these are up to the mark because any discrepancy can ruin the entire experience.

What new ideas have you introduced for your business so far? How do you generate new ideas?
We want to introduce the concepts that we have learned from arranging performances on some international platforms that included the Royal Albert Hall and Wembley Arena. The technology and facilities that are present in these arenas have yet to be introduced in Bangladesh, and we would like to bring them here. World Music Expo (WOMEX) is a festival that features the many different types of music throughout the world. The festival is welcomed because of the eclectic range of music that is available. We are trying to introduce various forms of music to the Bangladeshi audience through various festivals such as the Jazz, Classical, and Sufi fests. We strive to expand these ventures to a greater degree. Through experience, we are learning to incorporate these ideas into our local scene. Additionally, we want to focus on classical, jazz and contemporary plays that are becoming a dying art. We take audience feedback and try to enlighten them about the new artistic experiences available.

How do you define success? What is the best way to achieve long-term success?
Long-term success fundamentally depends on how you deliver your products. When we create a performance or event, we want it to stand out from everything that has been witnessed before to keep the audience eager for future events. The second idea would have to be consistency. You cannot allocate all your resources into one event and provide a dismal effort to the next. For example, our company also conducts corporate events. These particular events have budget restrictions, and it is a rather competitive field. The company and industry suffer when we focus solely on cost limitations. We have retained our success because we refuse to compromise when it comes to the standards. Finally, there must be teamwork with the entire employment body. We are fortunate that we function as a family here. If everyone can work cooperatively, the task at hand is completed more efficiently. Our team works extended hours and weekends, if we don’t have that shared passion and unity, the task at hand will not be to that of our real potential.

What are your thoughts on the business climate in Bangladesh?
I would like to take this under the context of what Blues Communication is handling which is artistic events. Though Bangladesh has made an impressive amount of progress throughout the last decade, we are yet to reach higher levels and international standards regarding infrastructure for commercial events. When creating an event, you want a stadium with the maximum audience to accommodate reasonable ticket price ranges. The sponsors want maximum exposure to get their names advertised or promoted in the most effective manner. But this is often a challenging task for us for one reason or the other, sometimes for technological difficulties or at times for lack of potential ways to promote the brand. Whereas on the other hand, from my personal experience in executing international events, I found the scope for advertising sponsors and other brands in many more ways, rather than the usual conventional approach that we tend to follow here. We would be keen to have such a venue in Bangladesh, facilitated with higher audience capacities and modernized technologies since that would allow us to arrange and pull off world-class events for a mass crowd.

What is your vision regarding the expansion of your business?
We would like to start with replicating concerts and shows that define global standards. Also, there are a lot of international showcasing festivals and expo’s, such as WOMEX or Jazzahead for new and upcoming music talents across the world. Blues also plans to incorporate such ideas in Bangladesh in the near future. Our country has connections to many different cultures like the Persians and the British. We want to highlight the cultural presentations and introduce the new technologies in music. When international artists arrive, the technologies that cater to the needs of the event must be imported. This creates a huge burden, and we must address this backward linkage by investing in these provisions within our country.

What was the best advice you ever got?
That it’s wise and best to focus on my own potential, be it regarding execution skills or idea generations. I believe if I’m too inclined on what my competitors are doing or thinking, I will never be able to explore what I’m actually capable of.


Dr. T. VenkatVardhan, the founder of DNA Entertainment Networks.They are responsible for single-handedly redefining events, productions through promoting, managing and organizing various unique concerts for live audiences and events such as IPL, Pro Kabadi League and other well-known events in the Asian market.

Jagjit Singh because ghazal is my favourite genre. I find it very soothing for my soul.

Undoubtedly, music.

Blues Communications began operations in 2012.

Our entire team is consistent of 55 members.

All kinds of events, corporate events, brand activations, 360 marketing solutions, advertising, digital and social media marketing, music festivals and concerts.



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