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Fitness and well-being coach, Tanvir Hasan Britto, on enriching people’s physical and emotional wellness through Holistic Lifestyle Solutions.


How did you get started on your fitness journey? What inspired you to pursue a career in the fitness industry?

My fitness journey started as a means of personal development encompassing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Several years ago, I experienced a period of severe depression, and during that time, I discovered that engaging in regular workouts not only improved my physical health but also had a profound positive impact on my mental state. It provided me with the energy and resilience to navigate the internal battles I was facing. Fitness became a transformative tool for self-discovery, fueling my passion, purpose, and mission in life. Recognizing the immense gratitude I felt for fitness, I made the decision to become a health and fitness professional, aiming to help individuals like me in my community achieve strength and balance holistically. In our current world, where being healthy is paramount, I believe that this approach is crucial for leading happy and prosperous lives.

Please elaborate on your entrepreneurial venture in the fitness industry and how that led to the establishment of your own initiative.

Coming from a middle-class background and with a background in filmmaking, I always felt a deep calling to be a teacher and make a positive impact. The traditional education system failed to provide me with the guidance I needed to find my true calling. Determined to forge my own path, I immersed myself in personal development books and explored various fields of interest, including theatre, photography, filmmaking, and journalism.

After encountering setbacks and facing numerous rejections, a moment of clarity struck me, and I discovered my purpose. I realised that my true passion lay in using fitness as a soulful tool to positively impact the lives of others. With this newfound vision, I established my own initiative, Tanvir Hasan Coaching, and subsequently founded Bengal Calisthenics, a progressive fitness academy.

Through my coaching company, I provide comprehensive guidance to busy working professionals, assisting them with weight loss, lifestyle management, mindset coaching, and overall well-being. I believe in offering a holistic approach that extends beyond physical appearance, empowering individuals to lead balanced lives and nurturing their personal growth.

Additionally, I am privileged to work as a consultant with PTDC (Personal Trainer Development Center) in Ontario, Canada, where I mentor fitness and nutrition coaches from around the world, supporting them in building successful online businesses and professional growth.

My qualifications as a PTDC Certified Level-1 & Level-2 Online Trainer, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and CLCI Certified Professional Life Coach further enable me to provide effective guidance and bring about transformational experiences for my clients.

Overall, my entrepreneurial journey in the fitness industry has been a testament to my unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in the world, spreading the message of health, happiness, and prosperity to everyone I encounter.


CPT, OTA1, OTA2, OTA Mentor
Fitness & Wellbeing Coach
Tanvir Hasan Coaching


Based on your insights and experience into the health & wellness industry in Bangladesh, what gap in the market did you identify? How has that shaped your business model and target demographic?

A significant gap I identified is a lack of accessible and personalised guidance for individuals seeking to improve their health and fitness. While the awareness and desire to prioritise one’s well-being are growing, many people struggle to find the right mentor or trainer to guide them effectively.

Previously, I started a movement called Bengal Calisthenics, emphasising the benefits of bodyweight training. While this approach has its merits, I realised that it may not work for everyone. Different individuals have varying needs and preferences when it comes to their fitness journey and it became evident that a one-size-fits-all approach was not the ideal solution. Therefore, I expanded my perspective and acknowledged the importance of providing a range of options and tools for individuals to choose from. This includes incorporating free weights, barbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, and more, allowing people to tailor their fitness routines according to their specific goals and preferences.

Moreover, as I delved deeper into the industry, I recognised that the mental aspect of being healthy is just as crucial as the physical aspect. To address this, I ventured into coaching individuals not only physically but also mentally. I sought education and training in coaching methodologies, realising that working with the psychology of my clients was essential for their holistic well-being. By combining personalised approaches and individualised treatments, I aim to bridge the gap in the market and provide comprehensive guidance to my clients.

Ultimately, my business model and target demographic have been shaped by the need for personalised and individualised approaches to health and wellness. I strive to educate and empower individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed choices about their well-being. By focusing on both the physical and mental aspects of health, I aim to create a transformative experience that addresses the unique needs of each individual, allowing them to achieve their goals and lead a balanced and fulfilling life.


You are also a public speaker and influencer through your activities across multiple social media platforms. What role does communication play in supporting your business?

Communication plays a pivotal role in supporting my business as a health and fitness coach, public speaker, and influencer. It serves as a vital tool for building and strengthening my personal brand within the industry. By engaging in public speaking and becoming an influencer across multiple social media platforms, I have the opportunity to establish myself as a go-to person in the health and wellness community.

Through various communication channels, such as social media platforms, I can effectively engage with and grow my audience. Creating content allows me to showcase my expertise and provide valuable education to my followers. By sharing insights, tips, and practical advice, I aim to empower individuals on their health and fitness journeys while establishing myself as a trusted resource in the field.

Collaborating with other experts or influencers further expands my network and opens doors to new opportunities. These collaborations not only provide fresh perspectives and knowledge but also expose me to new audiences and potential clients. It allows me to leverage the collective influence and expertise of like-minded individuals, ultimately benefiting both myself and my audience.

As I continue to build awareness and reach out to more people, my impact grows, and my influence expands. I am actively working on starting a podcast with my wife, who is also a health and nutrition coach, to further amplify our message and expertise. Additionally, we actively participate in TV shows, public events, and podcasts as guest speakers to share our insights and expertise, reaching a wider audience and solidifying our position as industry professionals.

Through effective communication strategies, I aim to build a strong personal brand, connect with individuals seeking guidance and inspiration, and ultimately make a positive impact on their lives. It is through these channels that I can foster meaningful connections, inspire change, and establish myself as a trusted authority in the health and wellness industry.


Photograph courtesy of Tanvir Hasan Britto


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