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With a diverse portfolio of clients starting from large multinationals such as Telenor Digital, Grameenphone, Huawei Mobile to local conglomerates such as Meghna Group as well as some projects of the Bangladesh Government, Magnito Digital is one of the largest digital agencies of Bangladesh. Their experience and massive setup allows them to deliver services at unparalleled scale. They have built leading brands in the digital space and are the go-to-agency for managing digital products and services.

Diverse Campaigns for Diverse Challenges

Magnito Digital has successfully developed campaigns due to their keen attention to detail to each and every single aspect of a campaign. Besides achieving big numbers, success can be found in many other ways – it also depends on how they were able to reach out to their target audience in terms of communication.
Some of their notable campaigns like 4G Launch (Feb, 2018) for Grameenphone to Uber’s Brand Ambassador Launch of Shakib Al Hasan (Nov, 2018), all of them were equally intensive. Quite recently for example, the Online Etiquette Campaign for Grameenphone “ জানতে হবে কোথায় থামতে হবে ” (2019) became the highest shared and engaging digital campaign in the telecom industry.

There is a saying – “With great power comes great responsibility”. Grameenphone has introduced the widest 4G network in Bangladesh, that gives people the flexibility of doing almost everything from anywhere in the country and grants access to the information highway. But a technology is only as good as its user. As 4G internet became cheaper and accessible to the masses, misuse also became a commonplace issue. We were on the highway, true, but we didn’t know the traffic rules. After observing this, Magnito Digital shouldered the responsibility of educating sensible use of the internet and introduced the concept of online etiquette. After the amazing response they received, now it has become a recurring campaign touching every aspect of our digital lives.

A gamified campaign like World Cup Dream Team for WowBox (2018) that generated 1.2M submissions to something unique like Bioscope (OTT) launch in the USA (2017) – the agency has enjoyed designing diverse campaigns with even diverse challenges.

Catalyzing Contextual Contents

Magnito Digital has garnered a name when it comes to digital content development as they have a highly skilled ideation team and a large creative team backs them up for efficient and fast content production. They have set up their content production unit in such a way that they can do everything in house – which allows them to marginalize cost and delays. The agency’s scale of output has remained unmatched throughout the years. To achieve this, they also created a rigorous internal practice so that all the units are working in sync to maximize time and resources. They are now expanding their media and data analytics team in a way to set new benchmarks in the industry in terms of cost optimization and generating insights.

The need of campaigns and contextual contents have skyrocketed ever since the pandemic. Magnito Digital has rolled out almost 3 times more in the first 2 months. In the digital sphere, if a brand is not contextual and not relevant enough, it soon becomes out of mind. Digital platforms are ever changing, responsive and dynamic, it opens up the opportunity for brands to become relevant and adapt very quickly. This allows brands to always attain and retain the attention of their audience.

Reliability is the name of the game

Social media marketing is more important than ever before – the use of infographics, videos, contextual relevance and an empathetic tone of voice is of paramount importance today. During such a sensitive period, you can’t hope to adopt a push marketing strategy to force your products and services onto the potential consumers – you will only drive them away! An instant query management team, supported by an automated and personalized instant messaging system plus chatbots add value to the overall consumer experience. Inclusive marketing or the essence of utilizing your core target consumers to collaboratively grow your brand with ideas and suggestions are rising in popularity. The use of hyper-targeted marketing which goes beyond social media channels are essential in creating an “aha” moment for consumers. The e-commerce market has boomed here in Bangladesh after the onset of the pandemic and the industry is only going to become better, more personalized and reliable over the years. SEO and contextual content marketing efforts will also maximize talkability of brands in the future.

Agility key for Survival

The only thing constant in life is change! They also say where there’s a will, there’s a way. The primary hurdle for the industry revolved around collaborating remotely from home with the help of multiple online messaging and conferencing platforms. Ideation to presentation to execution – where the norm was to interact with a bunch of multi-talented individuals face-to-face on a daily basis, now the same had to be done via Google Meet or Zoom or MS Teams. The industry which always went beyond digital to integrate both offline and online activities now had to plan strategies aligned with health guidelines and social distancing protocols. Advertising film productions and outdoor shoots became challenging to execute completely online with help of directions through audio and video calls. Nevertheless, addressing these challenges head-on allowed Magnito Digital to be one of the first agencies to start complete remote work from March 2020 onwards, where they had implemented standard operating processes for the entire agency and their employees specific to the nuances of work-from-home. They set-up parameters and processes suited to remote operations as well as transferred their studio to individual homes within a day. It was not just a matter of decentralizing operations but adapting their processes and orienting everyone from top to bottom within that timeline was also a huge challenge and a testament to their ability to be agile. They haven’t missed a beat since! Work with key clients such as Meghna Group of Industries, consisting of the Fresh portfolio of brands, Hero Bangladesh, Delta Life Insurance, even retail brands such as Sundora & Myth is reflective of the needs of the times – excellent briefs to excellent executions – these brands have allowed us to rise above mediocrity and break the clutter, again and again, even in these trying times.

Be a Voice in the Noise

The three basics of marketing are copywriting, writing good headlines and having excellent CTAs for creating effective communication. These are one of the few basics of a campaign. But the most important part is how it reaches out to the intended target audience. If a communication does not reach out, no matter how much production value it has, it is no communication at all. There are many other dimensions to digital marketing. For example, data interpolation, targeting & optimizing media buying that Magnito Digital does – are actually very important aspects of modern and digital communication. Just writing a good headline or a CTA doesn’t mean that it becomes good communication. How your communication stands out from the clutter and becomes ‘thumb stopping’ content during relentless scrolling is the key. How your communication engages your consumer and takes them on a journey can make the difference. Advertising has evolved to many branches that happens in the background and without us generally sensing them. That is where analytics and buying and targeting allows for discovery and conversion. A lot of background work now goes into marketing in the digital ecosystem.

Integrity, Transparency and Sincerity

In the 7 years since Magnito’s inception, the agency has proven itself to be a pioneer in the market. The agency welcomes competition, it is what makes them strive to be better, it inspires them to excel, it flexes their creative faculties. The agency wants to play, but they cannot play alone. A good opponent is also a good partner.

To support the industry, every year they arrange a platform called Digicafe to educate the market. It is a small initiative where we invite stakeholders, partners, agencies and anyone who is interested to know more about the digital economy. As pioneers of digital marketing in Bangladesh, the agency has taken up the mantle to take the step forward and sing true to their motto “Powering the Revolution.” Some of their members are also very active in offering training courses on digital marketing, brand management, media buying and analytics regularly.

Their ethos and their work philosophy are what compels them to stay ahead of the industry. They handle a behemoth brand like GP, and in their day to day work a lot more goes on inside than what can be seen from the surface. That is where their integrity plays its part in keeping their promise together. Alongside, they even handle a boutique fashion shop, which may be much smaller in scale comparison, but that integrity trickles down to every bit of work they do for any of their clients. No matter what kind of work they do integrity, transparency and sincerity is something they instill in every person working at Magnito Digital.

The company humorously likes to call ourselves a big little agency, they are big enough, and they are small enough. The same notion is also ingrained in their people. This is possible with the learning and knowledge sharing practices infused into the DNA by the founders. Everyone in the team has full time access to anyone from the top-level experienced people with any project and can freely speak their mind, back it up with adequate logic.

Over the years, they have also created the most rigorous internship program that trains the most brilliant minds who are enthusiastic about digital marketing. They have also hosted university programs to attract bright minds to join the professional market.

Creating a Sustainable Digital Ecosystem

It’s necessary for brands, agencies, creative and media partners to give each other the opportunity to collaboratively work together in such an ecosystem. The core purpose of the current digital ecosystem is to help brands grow to support the masses with the most valuable products and services. The specializations of marketing agencies, creative and media partners are integral to maximize the impact of campaigns and thereby drive revenue for companies.

Surf the Net and Keep Learning

Advertising is a world full of imagination, creativity and passion. Digital marketing provides the right tools to create precise and tactical, ROI-driven campaigns to maximize your promotional budgets. The onset of the global pandemic has made it far more difficult for brands to optimize costs and increase revenues using traditional promotional channels. The clinical and targeted use of digital marketing enables you to reach online audiences based on their browsing behavior and purchasing habits, making it the best promotional space in the modern era. The one piece of advice that would be relevant to all new aspirants is this – expand your skills by picking up knowledge from platforms such as Facebook Blueprint or Google Digital Garage – these are essential tools! There is no end to knowledge and what you can learn as long as you have access to the internet.


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