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Driven by the vision to excel, Fakir Fashion Limited has etched its name in Bangladesh’s apparel sector.



The birth of Fakir Fashion Limited started with a dream in 2009; it’s Chairman Mr. Fakir Badruzzaman dreamt of creating a world-class garment company that would be grounded on a principle of excellence.
Since then, the company has flourished to become a name recognised and respected for its superior quality and strong values. FFL’s ability to learn continuously has allowed it to outgrow its limitations over the years, creating a new benchmark for quality and competence in Bangladesh’s RMG sector. Currently, the company boasts of an ever-growing international client base for its entire range of products. A critical pillar in supporting an organisation is the team that forms its core. The company has always believed in nurturing and retaining top talent. Our employees are encouraged to participate actively in decision-making, ensuring continued learning. Fakir Fashion Limited specialises in all kinds of high-quality sustainable knit fashion products. FFL works with some of the biggest apparel brands in the world including H&M and COS, Zara, Oysho from Inditex Group, C&A, and Guess. Its business ethos is based on serving the community while prioritising the environment and representing the Made-In-Bangladesh brand in the right spirit to the global arena.

Fakir Fashion Ltd’s core strength comes from its visionary leadership with remarkable intuition and awareness of the shifting dynamics of the global apparel industry. It is backed up by a young passionate team and the willingness to excel. FFL has facilitated the ideal structure and environment that is conducive to growth. Every employee is aware of the company goals and has mapped out a path in their mind to collaborate and produce optimum results.



FFL maintains an in-house design team and international design offices to efficiently cater to the demands of their growing global client base. Over the years, the design teams have been pivotal to FFL’s growth. They have ensured communication between the client and manufacturing unit remains effective. The experienced teams have been immaculate in understanding and delivering products according to clients’ demands, allowing FFL a competitive edge over its peers.

Keeping up with its competitors in the global RMG industry, Fakir Fashion Ltd is rapidly automating its production line. It has enabled the company to ensure higher production rates and increased productivity, more efficient use of materials, better product quality, improved safety, shorter workweeks for labour, and reduced factory lead times. They have a completely integrated Enterprise Resource Planning system for the textile division, garments division and accounts & finance division. All this is connected via automated planning, textile recipe, garment cutting systems, control of all industrial utilities through a net metering system for precision and waste control from Day 1 of the input of PO by the business team.


Fakir Fashion Limited currently employs 19,000+ professional, skilled and committed employees, of which close to 50% of them are women. FFL facilitates numerous benefits to its employees that overwhelmingly contribute to their professional and personal growth.
Some of the benefits are as follows:
– Group insurance
– Paternity and Maternity Benefits
– Child Care Facilities
– Subsidised FMCG items, food items, in-house agro and dairy items
– Multiple community services through a sizeable financial assistance
It has also undertaken many more welfare initiatives, such as providing transportation to any destination to Dhaka and surrounding areas, which is fixed at a negligible amount.


Fakir Fashion Limited is strategically positioned at the heart of the nation’s industrial zone with a production space of 965,000 sq. ft. and continually expanding.

Its production capacity on a per-day basis is as follows:


FFL is an industry leader when it comes to sustainable practices. Sustainability is at the core of its long term strategy, and the company is expanding its infrastructure accordingly.
Here is an overview of the current facilities:
– Rooftop Solar System to control GHG
– Rainwater Harvesting and using untreated rainwater directly to the textile dyeing
– Fully Functional Biological ETP Plant
– Recycle, Reuse Waste Water, Steam
– Proper Waste Management system for all kinds of industrial waste for recycling
– Maintaining green sanctuary within the industrial campus
– Converting facilities to green models for energy efficiency etc.
Fakir Fashion Limited has etched its name in Bangladesh’s apparel sector from humble beginnings. They are proud to be backed by a team of proficient individuals who have the required skills, knowledge and experience to perform effectively and efficiently. Driven by the vision to excel, the company has scaled incredible heights in the field of entrepreneurship. FFL is committed to advancement and continues to reinvent itself by meeting fresh challenges with innovative solutions.


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