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A selection of online learning platforms that are revolutionising education, empowering self-learners, and shaping a more informed and connected world.


In a world steeped in conventional educational systems, a rising tide of startups is reshaping the educational landscape through unconventional means. These innovative enterprises not only challenge the status quo but also confront pressing global challenges. These startups understand that traditional education often falls short in meeting the diverse learning needs of an ever-evolving world. Consequently, they harness technology, inventive pedagogical approaches, and a strong commitment to social progress to bridge educational divides and empower learners of all backgrounds and ages. From imparting coding skills, and raising awareness of fundamental human rights, these companies are united by a mission to democratise knowledge and drive positive global change. From essential technical skills to human rights advocacy, and health education, these startups are pioneers in a transformative educational movement.


Blinkist offers access to insights from the world’s leading nonfiction titles, providing a convenient means to understand impactful ideas and expand your knowledge. The app allows you to engage with the core concepts of nonfiction best-sellers in approximately 15-minute sessions called ‘Blinks,’ making it easy to absorb essential information efficiently. Furthermore, Blinkist offers ‘Shortcasts,’ which distil the key takeaways from podcasts into concise 15-minute listening experiences. For those seeking more in-depth exploration, full-length audiobooks are also available within the app.This versatile platform enables users to enhance their understanding and gain fresh perspectives by exploring the latest concepts in various fields such as business, personal growth, psychology, relationships, and more.

Blinkist serves as a valuable tool for discovering nonfiction titles, authors, and podcasts, offering the opportunity to delve deeper into subjects of interest. Its professional editorial team selects top nonfiction and podcasting titles from the brightest minds in the world, ensuring that these valuable insights are transformed into accessible formats, such as Blinks and Shortcasts, which provide meaningful and actionable nuggets of knowledge.
Whether you’re seeking to improve your professional skills or explore new subjects, Blinkist accommodates your learning needs, catering to individuals with busy schedules while delivering the wisdom of brilliant thinkers, inventors, and creators.

Amnesty International’s Human Rights Education Program

Amnesty International’s Human Rights Education Program stands as a stalwart commitment to raising global awareness and fostering a profound understanding of human rights issues. This dedicated initiative is steadfast in its pursuit of developing and disseminating a wide array of educational materials, resources, and curricula, all meticulously designed to illuminate individuals of every age about the bedrock principles of human rights. Through these invaluable resources, the program casts a revealing light on the multitude of human rights violations and tribulations endured by communities worldwide.

What sets this program apart is its unwavering dedication to nurturing critical thinking, empathy, and activism. It achieves this by actively involving learners in thought-provoking discussions that revolve around the spectrum of human rights abuses, the essence of social justice, and the pivotal role of advocacy.
Ultimately, Amnesty International’s Human Rights Education Program has a dual focus: to transform individuals into well-informed, engaged global citizens and to instil within them the drive to be advocates for human rights and instigators of social change, not just within their immediate communities, but across the wider world. It is a beacon of enlightenment, sparking the flames of change, compassion, and understanding in the hearts of countless individuals.


Codecademy is an online educational powerhouse, dedicated to equipping students of all levels with the invaluable skills of programming. Its robust platform offers a treasure trove of knowledge, spanning a diverse array of programming languages, 12 to be precise, and two markup languages, namely HTML and CSS. These are seamlessly delivered through a vast catalog of online courses, numbering in the hundreds.

Codecademy caters to students through two distinct membership tiers, free and pro. The foundational tier, free, grants access to a selection of courses that learners can embark on at no cost. For those in pursuit of the complete Codecademy experience, the pro membership emerges as the gateway to an enriched learning journey. Moreover, college students are bestowed with a generous 35% discount, a nod to the importance of accessible education.

The prospect of utilising promo codes sweetens the deal for new signups, enhancing affordability. Within the realm of the pro membership, students enjoy the liberty to partake in as many Codecademy courses as their hearts desire, propelling their programming proficiency to new heights. In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, Codecademy emerges as a guiding light, facilitating the acquisition of invaluable technical skills with boundless flexibility.

Imarticus Learning

Dedicated to preparing the workforce of the future, Imarticus Learning specializes in delivering cutting-edge programs in critical fields like data science and analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, investment banking, fintech, finance, and marketing.

Imarticus Learning has emerged as a prominent force in the realm of online professional education. Over the last decade, Imarticus Learning has established invaluable partnerships with industry leaders such as Capgemini, KPMG, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, and Deutsche Bank. Notably, their collaboration has yielded remarkable results, boasting an impressive 85% student placement rate in some of the world’s most influential corporations.

Imarticus Learning’s comprehensive courses and programs have played a pivotal role in shaping successful professionals over the years. Their mission revolves around democratising knowledge and leveraging contemporary technology to make learning accessible, all in anticipation of a tech-driven future.

Collaborations with renowned institutions like the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) have enriched the learning experience. Imarticus Learning serves as a vital bridge between academia and industry in an era where upskilling is paramount for success. It is a symbol of modern education’s limitless potential, poised for a world defined by technology and innovation.

iSpace Wellbeing

iSpace Wellbeing is revolutionising mental health education, focusing on children aged 4 to 13+ and seamlessly integrating into school PSHE programs. Troubling statistics from a BBC School Report show that 70% of 11-to-16-year-olds experience negative emotions, including anxiety and fear. Astonishingly, 73% of educators worry about students’ well-being outside school, hampered by a lack of training to address these issues. High school principals, according to an EdWeek poll, are grappling with rising levels of student anxiety, sadness, and avoidance.

iSpace Wellbeing leverages EdTech and mental health solutions, primarily through social-emotional learning (SEL) programs, creating a secure space for students to navigate emotional challenges. The heart of iSpace Wellbeing is its school-focused curriculum, engaging children in discussions around emotions, well-being, and mental health, making these vital topics a daily part of their lives. This program not only educates but empowers children to seek help and express concerns.

Currently offering programs for ages 3 to 16, iSpace Wellbeing is developing a specialised program for 9-11-year-olds, aimed at well-being assessment and promotion. The organisation stands as a trailblazer, advocating for the integration of mental health education into every child’s educational journey, ensuring they have the tools to understand, cope with, and communicate their mental health needs effectively.


Careerist, formerly known as JobEasy is an innovative platform designed as a career development tool, a gateway for individuals without prior experience in technology or programming to secure positions within American IT firms. In return for this transformative opportunity, Careerist adopts a unique payment structure, generally involving a percentage of the graduate’s future earnings, spread over two years, in addition to an upfront charge determined by the chosen training program. With over 1,000 graduates and an active loan portfolio totalling USD 16 million as of the end of 2020, Careerist has been making waves.

Careerist is navigating the ever-evolving landscape of education, playing a pivotal role in reshaping societies and empowering individuals globally. They represent a paradigm shift in the way people acquire technical skills, promote human rights, health, and sex education, and transcend traditional boundaries to democratise knowledge and promote understanding.

Amid the intricate challenges of the 21st century, the importance of education remains paramount. By aligning with the visions of these startups, we not only expand our horizons but also contribute to a future where learning transcends borders, sparking positive change. This exciting era of unconventional education promises a more inclusive, enlightened, and compassionate world within our grasp.


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