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Digitizing the Health Industry


These 4 startups are paving the way for quality medical care

One of the most pressing issues in today’s world is health problems and unavailability of proper healthcare centers and doctors or healthcare professionals. With a growing population and diversity of health problems; a smart and digitally innovative solution is the need of the hour for the healthcare sector. And these 4 ambitious startups are doing their part to meet the needs and demands of the industry.

CMED is a cloud based smart health monitoring system. It consists of a portable smart monitoring device and a smartphone application. CMED devices keep records of the user’s data automatically. Apart from keeping track of user record, these devices also suggest users to visit the Doctor immediately when the device detects their health condition is at risk. Along with monitoring many health factors, CMED is designed to reduce the risk of life threatening diseases like stroke, heart attack etc. With the regular health monitoring system, users would be able to reduce diagnostic time, follow up cost, cost of hospitalization and hospital days significantly. Community health workers can also play a vital role in the rural areas by using CMED. It is an innovation which is looking to rewire the preventive healthcare sector of the industry. (

Jeeon came into the scene with a vision to improve access to medical care. They do this by providing capacity building where they provide skills to informal health providers using an e-learning app. Jeeon currently has 500 plus pharmacies in their network. Jeeon allows consumers to have access to quality drugs through excellent product distribution capacities. They generate demand and expand access for health services and advisories. They are responsible for generating health and market data for both private and public sector organizations. They help consumers by leveraging a vast informal market that controls 65% of health expenditures in Bangladesh. Jeeon facilitates remote service delivery, and communication between patients and physicians. Some of their notable partners are ICDDRB and VisionSpring. This app is part of telemedicine sector. (

Doctorola is the first online doctor appointment service platform in Bangladesh. They provide real time doctor information and appointments through a fully integrated system. Like many startups the app was developed with the intention of addressing a social problem, which in the case of Doctorola was to address the unavailability of proper healthcare in the regions and cities outside of Dhaka. The usage of apps to purchase tickets for buses and trains were the inspiration behind Doctorola. The idea behind Doctorola evolved into a service perform in early 2014. The app started with a doctor’s directory along with a feature for appointment requests and soon expanded to maintaining queries, appointments, visits and visit outcomes. The service hosts information and appointment facilities for more than 9260 doctors from 544 consultation centers in 63 districts. There exemplary work has earned them $200 million investment from BD Venture in 2015. (

DoctorKoi is an online healthcare service that features a database of doctors/hospitals, as well as medical enterprise resource planning (ERP) features for helping doctors streamline their practice: appointment schedule management, patient history tracking, and more. It operates an online platform that connects patients with doctors and enable people to set up appointments with doctors. Doctorkoi offers an online medical care information service that provides medical care search facility for patients by integrating different search criteria to find out the right information patients need about individual doctors and medical practices. (

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