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Partex Cables Limited, under the aegis of the conglomerate, Partex Star Group, is the newest entrant in the category of electrical wires & cables (both Power & Domestic). Initiated in 2016, Partex Cables made a remarkable presence by manufacturing household wires, low voltage (PVC & XLPE insulated), medium voltage, high voltage, instrumentation, control, communication cables and overhead conductors.
Under exemplary quality standards, Partex Cables is committed to continuous investments in Research and Development (R&D) to bring out an organic expansion in its product range and services, and optimize customer services. With an unblemished record of adhering to commitments, Partex Cables strives to continually pursue and deliver the 3P values; Performance, Price, and Promptness.
Partex Cables Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 certified for its Quality Management System and it follows all standards of International Electrotechnical Commission(IEC). It has obtained all the necessary certifications from BSTI, BUET, CPRI by implementing stringent quality control process and providing its customers with a guarantee of product excellence and reliability.

With an unblemished record of adhering to commitments, Partex Cables strives to continually pursue and deliver the 3P values; Performance, Price, and Promptness. 

Partex Cables is a people-oriented enterprise dedicated to enhancing the quality of life through the application of advanced information and energy transmission technology. The cable industry in Bangladesh is growing rapidly nowadays. Earlier most of the cables were imported. However, the situation has changed to a great extent now; the local cable industries meet most of the cable demand. Maintaining all necessary International standards, Partex Cables is being manufactured by using world’s best raw materials and European technology CDCC CCV Line.
The main role of a cable is to conduit electricity and is referred to as a conductor which is made of copper (Cu) or Aluminium (Al). To keep maintaining the stringent quality of copper, we only import cathode plates from the world’s best London Metal Exchange (LME) listed companies. We produce 8mm copper rod and 9.5mm aluminum rod in our copper and aluminum plant which is one of the most important parts of a cable.
High-quality Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) insulation and the sheath is the pre-requisite to ensure flawless and safe electric conductivity and therefore, we import high-quality raw materials to produce best quality PVC granules in our PVC plant. Partex Cables is also producing electrolytic tough pitch copper rod in its copper plant which ensures 99.99% copper purity. Thus, the electrical conductivity is 101% International Annealed Copper Standard (IACS).
To ensure safest electric supply in Bangladesh, Partex Cables brought world’s latest and best quality technologies and machinery. With this aim for the first time in Bangladesh, Partex Cables brings high-quality Drawing Machines from Germany. It’s 100% online annealing ensures perfect annealing of every small constituent of the conductor. Therefore, no chance of oxidization remains.
With the growing customer demand for the first time in Bangladesh Partex Cables adds to its manufacturing plant the world’s best 91 Bobbing, 5 Case Stranding Line. Besides, we are producing superior quality ‘Pre-spiraled Milliken Conductor” by using 4th Generation Rotating Roller machine instead of the traditional fixed dies technology. This machine can produce more than 2000sq mm. of conductors. Auto Tension Adjustable System is another feature of this machine which ensures the best quality of conductor and lowers the chance of accident or wire damage.
Insulation and sheath is another important part of a cable on which the quality depends. And therefore first time in Bangladesh Partex Cables brings the World’s best CDCC CCV Line from Maillefer, Finland. By using this modern state of the art technology, we would be able to produce up to 72.5 kV High Voltage Underground Power Cables. This sophisticated production line ensures unspoiled online curing of every part of insulation. For every extrusion of our production line, we use German SIKORA Technology which helps to maintain a perfect diameter and thickness of insulation.
There are two basic elements of a cable: conductor and insulation. Quality conductors ensure better electricity flow, and quality insulation reduces voltage drops. The purity of conductor materials—copper or aluminium—determines conductivity. Therefore sourcing of raw materials for conductors is a key component of ensuring the quality of a cable product.
Commonly used insulation materials are PVC, XLPE, and rubber. Although PVC is easily bendable, it is not suitable for higher temperatures. Cross-linked polyethylene insulation (XLPE) insulation is better suited for this purpose. In Bangladesh, we still see the use of PVC insulation in high tension cables. Since high tension cables carry high voltage, they require very high insulation resistance for which XLPE is the safest option.
Many companies claim that their cables are fireproof which is not true. Every metal melts at a certain temperature. The most important thing to consider here is how long the conductor’s conductivity and signal, remain uninterrupted during the fire. Partex Star Fire Guard Fire Resistant Cables survive up to 950°C under the CWZ category – and are resistant to fire, water, and mechanical shock.
Besides we are also manufacturing high-speed network cable Partex DataStar. Under this brand, we are producing CAT 5.5e, a 6/6e cable which ensures low attention, crosstalk, and structural return loss. We are also manufacturing high-quality coaxial cables ranging from RG- 6/6u, 47, 48, 57, 59. These cables ensure a minimum loss in signal quality for better reception, higher bandwidth for larger network expansion, low attention value for less electromagnetic interference, and a minimum structural return loss. They are also moisture proof which makes them perfect for tropical conditions.
We are the first in Bangladesh with five ‘Core Sector Shape Cables Laid-up Machine’ which ensures quality production of more than five ‘Core 150sq. mm cable’. For armoring, we use 96 Bobbin Armoring Machine, so that mechanical protection of cable is ensured.
At every single step of quality production, we have the most modern and well-equipped laboratory where our expert Lab Engineers and Technicians ensure High Quality of cables. We are the first in Bangladesh to introduce separate High Voltage Testing Lab to test and certify Fire Resistant Cables. Besides, we also differentiated in every segment like production, packaging, distribution and most importantly customer service before any of our competitors. Thus, with a motto of maintaining quality and workmanship, we equipped our team with most efficient and skilled manpower in every part of our company.

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