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Monwarul Islam Rebel, Director of Marketing and Sales, Daffodil Family



Monwarul Islam Rebel is the marketing and sales director of the Daffodil Family. It includes Dolphin digital and BPO, Skill Jobs, Dolphin Cyber Security Solution, Marketing Research Institute, One-card, and Daffodil Multimedia. Previously, as the CEO and Co-founder of Edison Foundation (Edison group), he worked in Safara IT Limited, Safara Agro, Safara Machineries, Safara InfoTech, and Edition Foundation. Before that he worked as a project director and partner in iVenture Limited (a concern of Impress Group). In addition, he has been in founding and CEO positions in companies like Jadro IT, Bestway Digital Media Limited, Jadro BPO, and AGD IT, Malaysia. While working for Business Beat, he worked as a journalist.

His accomplishments are backed by an illustrious academic background. Rebel studied Linguistics from the University of Dhaka, also completed BBA and MBA in Marketing from Royal University of Dhaka. He also completed post graduate diploma in Strategic Marketing from Switzerland. His range of diplomas extends from Multimedia to Computer and Cyber security. His remarkable academic profile was enhanced by his experience as a part-time faculty in various universities.

Rebel recalls his fond memories of his childhood and credits his upbringing as the secret to his success. He adds that he was one of three brothers who grew up together. His mother always encouraged them to read and had a separate library built in their house. She encouraged them to fulfill their curiosity through books of Del Carneri and Doctor Lutfur Rahman. Book reading grew on him since his younger days, and this habit leads to the start of a big shift – he began to contemplate his entire life and realized there is more life beyond attending classes and consuming meals.
Rebel read a book titled “Mor Boro Hote Chai”, where the writer Ahsan Habib Imrose details the true potential of the human brain and states that the human brain is mostly underused. Inspired by this, Rebel tried to utilize his abilities to the best of his potential.

According to him, Mizanur Rahman, the Chairman of Bestway Group played an important role in him becoming an entrepreneur. He was also fortunate enough to be mentored by Aminur Rashid, Chairman of Edison Group, and Director of Impress Group, Incepta Pharma and Channel I, Zahir Uddin Mahumud Mamun. Under the personal guidance of the Chairman of Daffodil Rebel was primed to become an entrepreneur.

Rebel also recalls his time as the Press Secretary of founder committee at Dhaka University Career Club and Festival Committee of Dhaka University Jashimuddin Hall. Admiringly, he also worked as Co-founder and Joint Secretary of the Financial Leadership Club of the same institution.

He insists that the biggest accomplishment among everything has been a part of the bond that was created with others. One of his favorite moments was to receive an award from ICT Minister Mostofa Zabbar for his role as a Cyber Security Business Entrepreneur. Notably, he is the recipient of the Index Award and was selected as the “Best Careerist” by Bangladesh Institute of Journalist and Electronic Media.

In future, Rebel wants to work with Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence and wants to create experts in the technology and marketing sectors of our country. He has already started similar projects in the Agro Sector. He has dreams of establishing a smart car company in Bangladesh like Tesla, along with a factory producing Bionic and Smart Shoe. Monwarul Islam Rebel’s ultimate goal is to work with the youth of this country and be the pioneer in a knowledge-based economy.

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Asif Siddique Tarafdar is the Staff Writer of Ice Today& Ice Business Times. He has completed BSS in Economics from BRAC University and vocal about disability rights and inclusion. Currently, studying MDS at Jahangirnagar University he is also a former Flight Cadet of the Bangladesh Air Force.

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