MD. FARHAN MOSHARRAF, Director, Paradise Group

Md. Farhan Mosharraf founded Paradise Electric & Electronics Industries Ltd (PEEIL) in the year 2014. He is also a Director at Paradise Cables Ltd. Fortified with an entrepreneurial spirit and a keen eye for new business ventures, he enjoys managing all facets of the company i.e. marketing, brand and communications, business development, client servicing, sales, etc. Under his able creative and dynamic leadership PEEIL has been growing to become one of the largest electronics companies in Bangladesh within a short span of time. Now he is the founder Chairman and CEO of PEEIL. Farhan completed his studies at the University of Toronto in Canada.

What are the key components of the success of Paradise Group?
I believe that the main components of success of Paradise Group are quality, vision to serve customers and clients with utmost level of comfort and the provision to excel forward and adapt to next level technological advancement.

How is Paradise Group generating new ideas and staying ahead in the market?
Paradise Group believes that ‘the customer is the king’, so we as a group tend to think of what our customers want and how they want it. Paradise Group has been well ahead of its time in terms of innovation and technological advancements such as the digitalization of our 60 showrooms in different districts and monitoring them from our corporate head office in Dhaka.
We have a compliant and advanced R&D department for generating new ideas and also for modifying current and existing products for the betterment of our clients. Then we have the international business development and sourcing department who grab innovation and technology for the generated new ideas from different parts of the world. I think this process of new innovation and ideas is a continuous cycle and it changes along with time and technology.

How do you define success? What is the best way to achieve long-term success?
Success for me is to believe in yourself and your thoughts and make others adapt to that belief. I feel that the best way to achieve long term success is through dedication, hard work, determination and self-confidence.

What are your thoughts on the business climate in Bangladesh?
Well, firstly I would say that the business climate in Bangladesh so far is smooth and excelling. Secondly, I would like to emphasize that “we” as a whole “business community” are still not clear as to where we want Bangladesh to stand in the international community. For example, let’s take the look of Singapore, India and China. Singapore wanted to become a business hub and with accurate planning and abrupt long term execution, Singapore is now a business hub. Similarly, India is a patriotic nation and known for its patriotism, whereas, China has become manufacturers and world super powers. My question is, where do we stand or where does Bangladesh stand? We need to develop our country branding. “Made in Bangladesh” should be our tagline.
If you can see clearly as a leader in the electric & electronics industry, Paradise Group has stick to its long term plan. Only then can you achieve your milestones, overcoming all the obstacles. Through all this, we are now fulfilling the local demand for cables as well as exporting cables in the international market. You would be glad to know that Paradise Cables is the only internationally certified cable company (Kema Keur, DNV-GL & BASEC Approved) in Bangladesh, exporting Made in Bangladesh cables to the international market. This achievement was possible due to the clear vision, planning and execution. So my point is that the regulatory bodies for all business communities need to create international long term policies to place Bangladesh on the global arena. Believe me, it is very much achievable because we have the expertise, the manpower and the talent. Just the vision needs to be clear, the policies needs to be catered in a business friendly manner and long term planning and execution needs to be implemented.

What is your vision regarding the expansion of Paradise Group?
Well to me attitude defines success and that success in return denotes and defines vision. Paradise Group has no looking back and with its collective group of expertise and intellectuals, hopefully in the coming years the group shall endeavor in most business sectors of Bangladesh and cater to make the lives of the population safer, bigger, better, responsive and reliable with technology playing in its advancements.

What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?
I believe that my most favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur is the ability to innovate and make people’s lives easier. Believing in yourself and your vision and to make others believe in it is the best innovation ever. Being an entrepreneur is not about the ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. So I would advise the energetic, talented young generation of our country that if they want to do something, do it now. Don’t be a dreamer, be a doer.

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