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From the rudimentary huts of nomadic tribes to the furnished apartments in Gulshan and Banani, a house has always been a refuge to people in Bangladesh, and the world, for centuries. To relish your experience of a better lifestyle, and that dream home, Bproperty.com is now leading the way throughout Bangladesh.

Starting as an e-commerce portal to meet the requirements of its customers, both buyers and sellers, with the most extensive property marketplace, bproperty.com has added a new dimension to the Real Estate industry. The one of a kind company in Bangladesh’s real estate industry, with both an online and offline approach to solving the age-old problems of giving its customers a holistic overview of the property market, and helping them to shape their dream of the desired house in a trusted and more efficient way.

Being part of the Emerging Market Property Group (EMPG), one of the biggest operators in the real estate market across UAE, bproperty.com comes with the assurance of delivery of the best quality service to its valuable clients. The 360-degree approach provides a one-stop solution with a valuable, hassle-free experience to its clients when it comes to house hunting or buying. Through the provision of the largest property database in Bangladesh, with both developing and ready-made properties, as well as in-house legal counsel and support of financing through its partners, bproperty.com truly is a one-stop advisor for all property related matters.

Recently, the company made a phenomenal debut by sponsoring the REHAB Fair 2017, the biggest property fair in the country’s capital between the 21 and 25 December 2017. The event provided Bproperty with a platform to showcase its activities amidst other renowned prominent real estate developers, financial institutions, housing companies and other property related businesses in the country.

Through promoting, a paperless approach to registration and information collection at their prime spot, bproperty.com attracted a significant amount of attention from the visitors to the Fair, outlining the many services on offers to all parties within a property transaction – buyers, sellers, and developers. At the Fair, Bproperty showcased its services in not only helping a buyer to find a property. However, it goes further by working with the buyer and seller to arrange viewings at everyone’s convenience, managing the negotiations on the transaction and ensuring a transparent legal process for all parties to give security and certainty to the property purchase. This type of service sets Bproperty apart within Bangladesh as the only company of its kind, and a market leader in bringing about a transparent change to the property industry, helping to make the property purchase more efficient.

Keeping in mind that a house comes with more emotional weight than any other investment; Bproperty’s growth and continued focus to meet the demands of its stakeholders will undoubtedly help to change the property industry in Bangladesh. The exposure at the Rehab Fair was another milestone added to its journey of becoming a trusted partner for the property industry.

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