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Jahaji, The first ever app to book and track lighter ship launched in Bangladesh

Jahaji, first of its kind in the inland water transport sector, has been launched with the features of booking and tracking services for inland water transports.

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Jahaji, first of its kind in the inland water transport sector, has been launched with the features of booking and tracking services for inland water transports.

Jahaji, aims at making it easy for the inland water transport stakeholders such as ship owners, suppliers, buyers, agents, carriers, brokers and buyers to book and track a lighter-ship (bulkhead, cargo, and coaster) across Bangladesh. Three features of the app — ship booking, tracking and marketplace — would provide inland water transport stakeholders like ship owners, suppliers, buyers, agents, carriers, transport brokers, and buyers facilities to book and track lighter ships including bulkhead, cargo, and coaster across Bangladesh.

State minister for shipping, Khalid Mahmud Chowdhury, launched the app at a programme in National Press Club on Sunday (08 Sep 2019).

Hailing such an innovation by the youths, the state minister said, “The present government is working to transform the country into digital Bangladesh and startups such as Jahaji will be the change makers.”

“Inland water transport sector is a very prospective one but there are a lot of setbacks in the industry, too. Digitization of the sector will solve many problems. I urged that everyone in my ministry would facilitate and support such initiatives.” He added.

Kajal Abdullah, Co-founder of Jahaji said, “As per government estimate, around 7000 lighter ships carry goods in the country. But according to our (private) estimate, there are more than 30,000 lighter ships. Jahaji would help to shape the sector.”

“Using jahaji app a supplier will be able to rent a ship after confirming his desired price, location and capacity. Not only that, soon after subscribing for tracking service, ships owners; carriers; and suppliers can track the trips and will able to get the updated information of their trips. Also, using Jahaji marketplace the buyer and seller can check the product quality and trade bulk commodities from running ships.”  He added.

Bangladesh cargo vessel owners’ association’s former president Mahbub Uddin Ahmed said, “From my involvement with the industry for decades, I know there are lots of problems in this sector. Jahaji with their state-of-the-art app is surely going to bring solutions to many existing problems of the sector.”

ICT consultant and young politician Mr. Naimuzzaman Mukta, expressed hope that Jahaji would enable the sector’s stakeholders to do business with much ease now. Jahaji’s chairman Shaikh Bahauddin Rupak and co-founder and CEO Abhinandan Jotdar, among others, spoke at the launching ceremony. 

The app can be downloaded from the google play store.

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