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Thailand, a tropical paradise which is famous for stunning beaches, colorful long tail boats, and gleaming temples. The best part is, you’ll not probably need a visa to check all of them out. This is because ‘Thailand Elite Program’ of Thai government is now offering ‘Thai Elite Privilege Card’ which will not only provide you a residence visa but also give you a unique opportunity to visit all the beautiful places of Thailand.

Thailand Privilege Card Company Limited (TPC), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Tourism Authority of Thailand is offering an exceptional visa program which is known as Thai Elite Visa. It gives all the foreigners a right to reside in Thailand on a long-term basis with some additional benefits. The first program of its kind worldwide is offering permitted residence for a long period with unrestricted complementary VIP privileges. Foreigners must be a member of Thailand Elite to receive this special visa. Thai Elite Privilege Card will provide three most residence program offers with validity, benefits and costs which are Elite Easy Access, Elite Privilege Access and Elite Ultimate Privilege.

Elite Easy Access

The first program of Thai Elite Privilege Card is Elite Easy Access. This program will provide you five year residence visa and give you a chance to live a lavish life in Thailand. This visa has no annual fee and age restriction and you have to pay approximately USD 16,000 to get this visa. After you pay for the visa, you’ll get a Thai Elite Privilege card.

Elite Privilege Access

If you have plan to get residence visa for your family, then Elite Privilege Access will be the perfect option for you. For the qualification you have to pay approximately USD 32,000 for yourself and USD 25,000 for each dependent. Legitimate parents, step-parents, spouse, children and step-children may include as dependents. Elite Privilege Access has no annual fee or age restriction. After getting the Thai Elite Privilege card of 10 years residence visa you can will be offered complimentary privileges including VIP transport services, government concierge services and one annual health checkup at a local private hospital.

Elite Ultimate Privilege

Thailand Privilege Card Company Limited is providing the privilege to reside for 20 years in Thailand through Elite Ultimate Privilege program. By paying approximately USD 68,000, plus an annual fee of approximately USD 680 to the Thai real estate, you can get a chance to own your own home in Thailand. To apply for this program you have to be aged 20 years or older. This Thai Elite Privilege Card will also provide complimentary privileges including VIP assistant services, VIP lounge access, golf and spa treatments for 24 times per year, one annual health checkup at a local private hospital with immigration, driver’s license and work permit as government concierge services.

Once you have the Thai Elite Privilege Card, you will not only get the advantages of residence visa but also get an opportunity to be a part of this tropical paradise.

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