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Best Electronics, a concern of Zaman Group, is the fastest growing electronics retail company in Bangladesh. It was officially launched in 2013 with a clear vision of delivering world-class home appliances from all major global brands to the high-end consumer group of Bangladesh. They started with just 12 showrooms which have now grown to 123 in less than five years.

Deciding on a refrigerator can be a major hassle. The market is saturated with different brands with distinct advantages. It often becomes impossible for the consumers to evaluate each option available in the market against their needs. People simply do not have the time to visit multiple stores and compare each product and decide where to put their money on. More importantly, it has become more difficult to purchase genuine products as counterfeit electronic goods have become more rampant in the market. The counterfeiters have become more sophisticated and their products can even dodge the most experienced buyers.

Thankfully, Best electronics is the authorized distributor of some of the biggest home appliances brands around the world. Patrons can find multiple refrigerator brands within their store, it gives them the opportunity to compare and make the best choice for their household. They don’t need to worry about the authenticity of the products; Best Electronics is one of the few stores in Bangladesh which guarantees authorized and authentic products.


Hitachi makes use of scientific advances to design and manufacture refrigerators which prevent the loss and damage of amino acids and essential vitamins in food items. Hitachi refrigerators have highly efficient insulation systems and compressors which enable them to reduce the consumption of electricity greatly while maintaining the effective running of the product. At Best Electronics, the price range of Hitachi refrigerator is 40,000Tk to 285,000Tk.


Sharp’s innovative range includes French Door and Top Mount Refrigerator designed to create the perfect refrigerator to complement any kitchen using premium material for features and stylish finishes including stainless steel, glass and classic white. Features include efficient cooling systems, deodorizer and Plasmacluster. At Best Electronics, the price range of Sharp refrigerator is 40,000Tk to 300,000Tk.


Whirlpool fridges can considerably reduce electricity bills using IntelliSense inverter and insulated capillary technology; Whirlpool’s refrigerators are capable of keeping vegetables and fruits fresh up to 12 days for its SealFresh technology. At Best Electronics, the price range of Whirlpool refrigerator is 38,000Tk to 175,000Tk.


Conion Refrigerator comes with amazing Reversible Door with Magnetic Door Seal, Mechanical Temperature Control, Direct Cooling, Super Huge Freezing Chamber, Lock & key system and Energy saving with optimized insulation thickness. At Best Electronics, the price range of Conion refrigerator is 12,000Tk to 80,000Tk.


Toshiba is a reputed Japanese brand providing all types of refrigerators. Toshiba refrigerators offer good versatility, delightful innovation, and a premium feel. It is one of the most reliable brands in the world. Toshiba fridges has Hybrid Bio Deodorizer, when cool air passes through the 2 Biocatalysts in the Hybrid Bio, odor molecules like sulfur, nitrogen and aldehyde produced from food are filtered and disintegrated. It also has Cool Air Wrap System which deodorizes and circulates air from the rear of the fridge to every other part. The result is a fresher and more pleasant-smelling fridge. In addition, the minus ion is also spread more evenly throughout. At Best electronics the price range of Toshiba refrigerators is from 50,000Tk to 150,000Tk.

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