From Balenciagas to Burgeoning Businesses

Three of Hollywood’s biggest female celebrities are turning their fame into handsome fortunes

By Ashfaque Zaman

When an internet search is conducted regarding any famous female celebrities, the most ‘in-depth’ reporting we seem to obtain is of their massive closets, couture dresses and dating scandals. However, despite the lack of spotlight regarding these aspects of their lives, 3 of these female celebrities are turning their fame into a handsome fortune.
When Jessica Alba shared her desire to create an environmentally friendly business she was advised to endorse a perfume because it would be a safer investment. However, the Fantastic Four star stuck by her organic company, starting out with environmentally friendly diapers. Since the company’s inauguration in 2011, it has expanded to organic foods, supplements, personal care and cleaning products; as of 2014 it has expanded its net worth to a billion dollars. Alba is now initiating a series of beauty products that will consist of an 83-piece collection, including 17 skincare products and a 66-piece makeup range.
While most of the world is tuning into Keeping up with the Kardashians, keeping up with an entrepreneur like Kim will take a much more than a subscription to the E! Network. She has built an $85 million business, which includes a clothing line and boutique (Dash), a mobile game and app, beauty and hair products, a selfie book and countless endorsements not to mention $100 million family deal for their reality series. Her successful apps Shoe Dazzle and Kim Kardashian: Hollywood have raked in 10 million and 220 million respectively, with Kim taking 15% of the revenue.
Jessica Simpson reached fame with the reality show ‘A Simple Life’ along with her rather impressive voice and by bringing back those infamously short daisy dukes. However, her clothing line is nothing short of breaking the bank as it expands exponentially. The Jessica Simpson Collection features products from 30 retail categories that range from the primarily popular shoes line to sunglasses, dresses and jewelry. The ten-year-old company is now making a profit of $1 billion at retail on an annual basis. The singer/actress has completely shifted her focus to expanding the clothing line and at this point, shows no signs of slowing down.
These women may have reached fame with their idolized bodies, flawless features and sometimes controversial personal lives but the one benefactor that allows for all of their businesses to continuously bring in exponentially higher revenues is the fact that they are relatable as both women and as people with the universal human desire for greater aspirations. Jessica Alba has stated that she uses every product from her company because she would not want any parent to give their children a product that she would not allow in her own home. Kim allows cameras into literally every aspect of her life with her uninhibited demeanor and mantra of ‘being yourself and doing what makes you happy’. The reality star may have a tantalizing love life but when it comes to staying away from dubious ventures like drugs and reckless behavior, Mrs. West has been a model citizen. The ideology that one can ascertain and accumulate from this is that the glamorous entrepreneurially successful lifestyle that Kim has achieved is extremely improbable but this very idea of ‘making it big’ is a goal that millions would strive for.
Celebrities such as Gwen Stefani, Victoria Beckham and the Olsen twins have highly successful clothing lines however the prices of their designer duds means that you’d require the backing of wealthy bank accounts to attain them. Simpson, on the other hand, stated that her clothing line does not cater towards the elites of NYC and LA. Her desire was to create a clothing line that was both affordable and available for women of all sizes. She expressed that her vision was to create a line that both her grandmother would appreciate and her daughter would want to wear. These women share a glimpse of their limelight with their consumers by making a part of their admired lifestyles attainable.
A simple tweet of 140 characters or less as well as other social media mediums are making these entrepreneurs an even stronger presence; Kim Kardashian charges $25,000 for any product that she mentions on the Twitter. The numbers of followers of their respective social media pages is just as staggering as their accumulated wealth. Their presence in social media is one of integral components through which advertising is conducted. Giving their staggering number of fans, these free applications simultaneously allow them to reach a vast audience without any expense and further enhance the relatable factor that allows them to be highly successful.

Jessica Alba- 8.65 million
Kim Kardashian- 35.3 million
Jessica Simpson- 7.22 million

Jessica Alba- 6 million
Kim Kardashian- 46.3 million
Jessica Simpson- 1.8 million

Jessica Alba- 26.27 million
Kim Kardashian- 5.4 million
Jessica Simpson- 2.86 million

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