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Fallen Angels

Eminent litterateur Hasan Azizul Haque once wrote that people consider their birthplace to be the center of their existence. They don’t want to sever their ties from that place in any way. Despite the circumstances, people still cling to their birthplace, as it is a reminder of their being. This bond becomes permanent over the years. With regional change comes behavioral change; just like nature and everything around us, mankind’s self-esteem evolves, the writer added. According to him, while death is the final chapter for mankind, if there’s anything else in between that affects one’s existence most brutally, it’s becoming a refugee. In fact, death and becoming a refugee might seem almost synonymous to one another. A refugee may live to see another day; however, the days ahead of him or her may not be progressive.

Migratory birds fly for hours, days and months to evade the extreme cold and atrocity of nature. But the atrocity of human being upon the same creature is second to none. Nothing is more disgusting than to watch people are fleeing from home leaving everything just to save the lives.

Since September 2017, Bangladesh rescued almost five lac new Rohingya refugees. In addition to the ones rescued previously, there are now 1 million Rohingya refugees residing in our country. The Rohingya situation isn’t a result of a war-torn affair; rather it’s a ploy that was carried out by the Myanmar military force in the form of a successive slow genocide. Since the late 70s, the Rohingya Muslims in the Rakhine state of Myanmar has been subjected to inhumane torture for centuries. Time and again, the massive exodus has led to the loss of countless lives.

As a photojournalist, I have witnessed numerous hungry, helpless and fearful refugees that were based in temporary refugee camps in Ukhiya and Teknaf. Their terror-stricken experiences will surely break the hearts of anyone who has even a shred of empathy left for mankind.

Half of the new refugees are made up of children; many mothers have walked into this country in search of shelter, carrying their malnourished children. Fathers have carried their children in baskets like peddlers and sought refuge here. This special photo story captures the innocent faces of those tired, starving, and terrified children. Theirs is the kind of trauma that is sure to leave a gaping hole in the hearts of many.

These wide-eyed angels strike our hearts with numerous questions. Will the world be able to answer those questions? Only time will tell.

Age: 2 years (on 14.09.2017)
Mother: Sanjida
Father: Rahmat Ullah

Mohammad Rihan
Age: 1 years (on 14.09.2017)
Mother: Morium Khatun
Father: Khairut Ullah

Age: 1.5 years (on 14.09.2017)
Mother: Hasina Begum
Father: Abul Hossain

Age: 1.5 years (on 14.09.2017)
Mother: Mustafa Khatun
Father: Mohammad Hojiullah

Age: 2.5 years (on 14.09.2017)
Mother: Sajeda,
Father: Abdus Samad

Age: 3 years (on 14.09.2017)
Mother: Zaheda
Fathre: Mohammad Rofiq

Age: 1.5 years (on 14.09.2017)
Mother: Rasheda
Father: Imam Hossain

Age: 3 years (on 14.09.2017)
Mother: Chhuru
Father: Korim Ullah

Age: 2 years (on 14.09.2017)
Mother: Taiaba Khatun
Father: Nur Islam

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