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Mutual Trust Bank NSU Yes! Presents Masters of Ideation 2015

Mutual Trust Bank presents Masters of Ideation 2015 – the battle for supremacy, organized by North South University Young Entrepreneurs Society (NSU YES!), has completed its third season this year with its recently held grand finale. Success for this inter-university competition was already in the bag and NSU YES! has once again organized their major event without any major setbacks.

Masters of Ideation is an inter-university business strategy based case solving competition where competitors from different university nationwide compete against each other. 48 teams from different university participated out of which 1 team with their extreme talent, utmost dedication and hard work won the title of ‘Master of Ideation’ along with prize money of BDT 1, 35,000. The champion team not only won the title and the biggest prize money ever offered in any inter-university competition, but were also offered internship from Masters of Ideation’s strategic partner, Reckitt Benkiser. The first runner up and second runner up received a prize money of BDT 85,000 and BDT 60,000 respectively and were also offered an internship from Mutual Trust Bank.

NSU YES! has successfully organized their signature event and now they are all set to organize their next major events Ad Maker Bangladesh and NSUers Meet Corporate Icons. Ad maker Bangladesh, initiated back in 2009, is the biggest and the most prestigious inter-university competition. Ad Maker Bangladesh is a television commercial and integrated marketing campaign making competition where students from different universities show their talent of marketing to the entire nation.

Another in-house event of NSU YES! Is NSUers Meet Corporate Icons. NSUers Meet Corporate Icons is an event only for North South University students where they get the rare opportunity and privilege to meet the corporate icons from different business fields. Corporate icons take some time out from their busy schedule and conduct a seminar inside North South University to enlighten North South University’s students about the corporate world. They share their experiences and struggles that they have faced in their field and tells the students how to survive is this extremely competitive corporate world. NSUers Meet Corporate Icons is an exclusive event again organized my NSU YES! as this event provides an opportunity for the students to know about the corporate world beforehand.

This year’s Masters of Ideation started off with 36 teams in the first round. The First round, comprised of solving a business case, tested the contestants for basic Case analysis abilities and perceptual capabilities.

In the Second round, the teams faced an even more complex case that tested their in-depth analytical abilities and critical thinking abilities. Teams were hard pushed to solve the overly complex case that they faced in the second round. Of the twenty teams that made it through the second round, only eight teams displayed the necessary skills to pass through round 2.

Round 3, the Ideation Round, had a unique flavor in it, being the first of its kind in Bangladesh. Here, the qualifying eight teams faced the challenge of applying all the knowledge acquired in the previous rounds, in a real-life situation. The teams were given a simulated market environment and given an analysis of the market preferences. Then, they were asked to design their product based on the consumer preferences and market pricing, after which they had to sell it to the consumers. This round presented unique difficulties and challenges to the participants, and was probably the most entertaining round of the season.

The Grand Finale of Masters of Ideation 2015, organized by NSU Young Entrepreneur’s Society (YES!) was held on Monday, 2nd March 2015. The Final presentations kicked off in style, with teams hailing from reputed Universities including Institute of Business Administration (IBA), North South University (NSU), Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) and Jahangirnagar University.

The Panel of Judges included reputed personalities from renowned Organizations. The panel of Judges included Mr. Sami Al Hafiz (Mutual Trust Bank), Saad Jashim (British American Tobacco), Zaheen Islam (Reckitt-Benckiser), and Shadman Sadekin (Unilever Bangladesh). They expressed their satisfaction and content at having been able to judge some of the brightest minds in the Undergraduate business arena.

The teams started off with their presentations at 8 P.M., and continued till 10:30 P.M. within this span of time, the five teams faced off in a stunning display of talent and skill that cemented their worth of being Finalists of one of the greatest events of the Undergraduate business arena.

Team Potter

Hailing from Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Team Potter Started the show-off with a brilliant display of stunning slides, in-depth knowledge and excellent presentation skills. Among the many interesting insights that they provided into the matter, some of the more notable ones were providing an extensive seven- year strategy aimed at capturing market share and providing more extensive recreational facilities such as Surfing and tourist fishing.

Team Orkid

Although Team Orkid (hailing from Jahangirnagar University) showed great promise and talent, their lack of experience became apparent through their lack of confidence in front of the judges. However, the fact that they have been able to reach the final round of Masters of Ideation is proof of their talents and potential. Surely, the business arena will see more of this team in the near future.

Arctic Cube

North South University has been proud to produce many exceptional teams in recent years. Arctic Cube has earned the right to count themselves among this esteemed list of elites. Everything about this team has been an absolute delight. Their exemplary presentation skills grabbed the judges’ attention from the very start. They presented a detailed insight into the case they were presented with, leaving very few loopholes for judges to scrutinize. Not only that- their presentation slides were simply beautiful. The video that they presented showcased exemplary amounts of creativity, professionalism and IT skills.


Hailing from Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP), team Meraki consists of fresh undergraduates seeking to make their mark in the world of Undergraduate business competitions. What stood out among them was their unwavering confidence in the face of intense pressure, among other things. The slides were simple and easy to understand- just enough to make their presentation all the more interesting. It was evident from their presentation that, they had put a lot of thought and research into it. The promo Ad that they designed had all the markings of a true piece of art. Meraki were also confident in deterring all of the judges’ arguments, showing that they had indeed come well prepared.

Wait for it

Institute of Business Administration (IBA) is renowned all over the nation for producing talent, and team ‘wait for it’ is a glaring example of just that. They had the perfect combination of creativity, professionalism, insight and skill to take them through any obstacle that presents itself, and that is precisely what has made them one of the best teams in this season of ‘Masters of Ideation’. The way in which they presented the case was simply a beauty to behold- unflinching confidence, excellent representation of facts and aesthetically pleasing presentation slides. By the end of their session, nobody had any doubts as to the fact that team ‘Wait for it’ had definitely done their homework. Their approach to the problem was simplistic, effective and had potentially far-reaching implications without a doubt.

The top 5 teams faced off in the most anticipated event of the year for the title of ‘Master of Ideation’. After a hard-fought battle of more than two hours, the eminent judges- all from reputed National and Multinational Organizations- finally came to the decision of which teams to name the Winners (Team ‘Wait for It’ from IBA), Runners Up (Team ‘Arctic Cube’ from NSU) and the Second Runners Up (Team ‘Meraki’ from BUP).

Team ‘Wait for It’ consisted of Ahmed Tashfiq Rafsan, Abreshmee Adeeba Haque and Sami Tahsin.

Team ‘Arctic Cube’ consisted of Faria Mowla, Md.  Nakibur Rahman and Safirul Karim.

Team ‘Meraki’ consisted of Rabita Jahan Priyota, Shahnewaz Mahmood and Rushnan Aritree Arpa.

This event was presented by Mutual Trust Bank, the Title sponsor for the event. Reckitt Benckiser is the strategic partner for this endeavor. The English Print Media partner for Masters of Ideation 2015 was ‘The Daily Star’. The Bangla print Media partner was ‘The Daily Ittefaq’, Radio partner was ‘Radio Foorti’, online news partner was ‘’, live broadcasting partner was WebTV, study abroad partner was TPNL, and the lifestyle partner was ‘Amber Lifestyle’.


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