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Brand cannot be built overnight, even when it’s in healthcare business. Developing a logo and a name is one thing but introducing the brand is a process of its own. It’s your organization’s personality, presence, reputation, vision, mission, values,capabilities, philosophy and style. In turn, patients form their impression of your organization based upon all these factors. Healthcare branding success depends on the following aspects that create a positive perception and then mold it into a compelling and unique brand.


Most entrepreneurs now recognize that healthcare branding is vital. At the same time, branding it often misunderstood. Brand is not merely your logo or even your brand identity. Brand is the sum of every touch points from where patients have experiences with your hospital, clinics, practice or healthcare organization. That includes everything from signage, the tone of voice, the customer care and total patient experience.


To become successful, brands need to socialize the brand internally before going public. Branding is really an inside-out process and strategic business science. The name, logo, message and positioning statements – the seeds of all brand elements need to be planted in all the stakeholders and staff. It also includes all the ways and means that you communicate with people who already know you including present and previous patients/customers.


Experiential marketing is a true immersive experience that involves engagement: touch, feel, social sharing. When you connect with the brand or product in a unique way, you’re actually engaged with and absorbed in that brand. When you have the chance to participate with a brand in a unique way, you will socially share and recommend it too. It touches the other senses, so you walk away with a strong recall because you engaged in a physical way. Experiential marketing has been the fastest-growing in brand building and advertising, because of its high trackable ROI, which is more effective than TV for ROI nowadays.


In this sharing economy millennials are willing to share their experiences on social media, engaging their friends and families with these brands as well. Millennials that participate or engage with a brand take pictures or video and post it online. While this demographic may have been overlooked by healthcare in the past, today’s millennials are looking for quality healthcare. Digital advertising,motion graphics are still the most popular way to reach millennials today.


Developing and communicating how and why you’re different is at the heart of branding.
How you communicate your branding message is at the very heart of marketing. In fact, marketing is the active, informed, strategic and measured communication of what makes you unique and important to those whom you most want to reach. Your message of unique value is expressed in your logo, brochure, videos bytes and throughout all the elements of your plan works as the ultimate impression creator in the customer minds.


Designing creative and corporate messages can make a difference. Design drives the customers and customer drives the business. What’s important is that you showcase it in a visual way that makes it real to your audience. Total look and feel of the organizations; including photographs, interior and exterior design will create an impact.


Professional referral sources can’t be taken for granted. Doctor referrals do not happen by magic or simply because you are a good healthcare service organization. A reliable and continuing stream of referral is the lifeblood of any healthcare service providers. Success requires a strategic plan, along with monitoring and regularly following up with professional medical consultants.


From websites to social media tools (FaceBook,Messenger,LinkedIn,Twitter etc. ), to patient portals and mobile apps, online marketing is one of the mainstream channels for marketing for advertising and public relations and creating buzz.


Advertising in newspapers, radio, television, out of home can be an answer to healthcare needs. External Marketing produces a measurable return-on-investment in the long run and keeps the brand alive.


It is said that advertising creates awareness and publicity builds brands. A well-crafted plan for healthcare publicity and free press exposure, such as newspaper articles or broadcast interviews are strong mediums to create visibility. The end results look easy, and it can be a positive and powerful influence. But free publicity typically results from good timing, messaging, time and effort and above all building a good relationship with the media.

CSR is branding in disguise

In most cases healthcare business ignore the CSR aspect, but CSR can build strong social bonding factors and brand image indirectly. It may create a huge impact in the log run; as CSR is branding in disguise.
There’s no sure path to success in HealthCare marketing, but 3 things need to be addressed

1) strong brand
2) right people
3) modern technology

A strong, meaningful differentiating brand for your healthcare business is part of your reputation and image. If there is no trust, there will be no confidence. Time has come to focus on Healthcare Branding Services. In order to do that, organizations need to be professional, recognizable and different. Relying on an advertising agency will not do, instead a strong marketing team needs to be behind conceptualizing, planning, organizing and directing all marketing activities strategically. Branding is about standing apart from the herd in a positive way. Brand is everything and branding is a continuous creative and strategic journey.

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