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Baburchi Restaurant at Dhanmondi serves nothing but the best food in town

By Wafiur Rahman

Photos by Din M Shibly

Whenever the location of Dhanmondi comes to our mind, the notion of Chinese cuisine comes to our mind. Every Dhanmondi resident, and the ones nearby, have indulged in Xindian, Xinxian and other ‘Xin-something’ Chinese and Thai restaurants. In the 21st century however, introduction of Nando’s/KFC and other lounge food have diversified the restaurant business in the area. Authentic Bangladeshi cuisine was monopolised by Korai Gosht so far. However, after their outlet expansion several years back, allegations of unhygienic food, disappointing service and disoriented ambience has kept true foodies out of their entries for some time now. In need of good food in a nice and clean environment? Try Baburchi!

Located just above Korai Gosht at Dhanmondi 4/A, Baburchi offers Thai, Chinese, Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine in a cozy and comfortable environment. A hit among nearby corporate and students of various private universities, Baburchi offers sumptuous food at affordable costs, never attempting to put a dent in your wallet. With so many options to choose from, you cannot go wrong in ordering in this restaurant.

Environment & Ambience

Stepping into the restaurant, you will be greeted by friendly waiters who have been trained to service with a smile, a rarity these days. The wooden chairs and long sofa rows are just about comfortable enough to enjoy your food. With red as their base colour, it does not look so loud as to make you feel bloated in any way.

The restaurant is packed with executives, students and family outings most of the time, so it does get a tad bit difficult to find a place to eat over there. Despite that, people are willing to wait if they visit Baburchi, a testament to their brand value and customer retention.


This is where everything gets a bit detailed. If you are up for the conventional Thai and Chinese, be sure to try their Thai Mixed Vegetable, Baburchi Special Soup, Mixed Fried Rice and Beef with Basil Leaf. A simple set of dishes can become divine if cooked properly, and you will not be disappointed. Clichéd hits like Fried Spring Chicken, Fried Wonthon and Sizzling Prawn are some of the other honourable mentions you can order on your way. These dishes usually range from Tk. 195 (the appetizers) to Tk. 520 for the main dishes. The fish items are somewhat expensive, but the other non-vegetarian dishes are in Tk. 300-Tk. 450 range.

Indian cuisine is something that they are similarly good at. Do try their Pudina Naan, Daal Makhni and Chicken Reshmi Kabab, it is a tantalising combination for your tastebuds. My personal favourites include Paneer Butter Masala (Tk. 330), Daal Butter Fry (Tk. 210), Brain Masala (Tk. 300) and Beef Dopyazaa (Tk. 335). While some Indian food is traditionally packed with ingredients like oil and ghee that most of us avoid for health reasons, there is almost no comparison anywhere in the world to the vast variety of fresh fruit and vegetable dishes that form part of its repertoire. As such there is no reason why even the most waistline-conscious among us cannot enjoy good Indian cuisine.

But my personal favourite among all the cuisines they serve is Bangladeshi. Let us face it. We cannot survive a day without indulging on the delectable bhortas and vegetable dishes that aptly complements the main fish items and other delicacies. Be sure to try out their vast array of bhortas, ranging from the very basic Alu Bhorta to the very sinful Shukno Morich & Dhonia Bhorta. Top it off with Chitol Fish’s Kosta and expect a hearty money for value contention. If you are into Khichuri and Biriyani, look no further. They offer the best khichuri in town, and I am nowhere close to being biased. Beef, Chicken, Mutton or plain, they have it all. If you want to experiment with your biryani, do opt for the Chicken Jhal Fry Biriyani. It infuses the element of Chicken Jhaal Fry and Plain Pollao, stirring it up with loads of chopped green chillies to make it a spicy concoction. It is an acquired taste, and I give in 5 stars, hands down.


There really is not much to say here, as my overwhelming positive verdict to most of the dishes reveals my partiality towards Baburchi. But I cannot make you like it, you have to try to believe. People have flocked here from Korai Gosht, and that should tell you just how popular the joint really is. Their main branch is in Dhanmondi 4/A, with an additional branch in the Department of Business Studies canteen at Dhaka University and a newly-launched outlet at GEC Circle, Chittagong.

So I would ask you to put Baburchi on your next restaurant hunt if you really want to get a good taste of popular dishes. Undoubtedly, restaurants like Baburchi will be able to withstand the test of time, as long as they deliver on quality food and service.

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